December 26th, 2019


Knives Out, Rain, Too many Santa hats

I think the most annoying thing about the Jesus fantasy is the proliferation of red velvet hats with white fur trim. The second most annoying is the Comcast program guide almost totally filled with Christmas this and Christmas that and snow this and snow that. TWC wasted the whole day predicting which cities would have a white xmas, though the answer clearly was "not hardly any one". The south is having a heat wave. So is the east. It's wet in California. And Oregon and Washington.

I am also annoyed that my allegedly Jewish cousins in the UK celebrate Jesus day as if they were Christians. And they pretend it's the same as Hanukkah. There's even a meme which shows a Jesus tree which becomes a menorah when flipped upside down. Both festivals are based on a lie.

The usual breakfast, but for lunch I made a PNB&J sandwich. Was done in time to be at J's at 1:30, she drove us to her new neighborhood theater to see Knives Out. She bragged that she got the last two seats. When the tickets were printed I almost walked out - they were the first row. She had misread the map and thought they were in the back row.

I spent all the trailers with my eyes closed and really should have walked out but stayed because I didn't want to ruin it for her.

From what glimpses I got, it is a beautifully shot movie, there is a stellar cast, excellent direction, pretty good script, and lots of diversions and twists and red herrings. I'm torn, because it's really not my kind of movie, and the main character annoyed the hell out of me so I don't really want to go back by myself and see it from the back row, which is how it is meant to be seen. But there's also Cats and Frozen 2 which I have not seen. And I should not be spending $$ on movies anyway.

Home with a mild headache.

Watched one of my favorite streamers in LV.

Got my cousin's snailmail from my middle sister, added a label to the calendar list.

Did two loads of laundry.

Mac & sliced turkey franks & cheese for dinner.

It has rained some today, on and off.

I trimmed Spook's nails. Once she understood I was not letting her out of my lap, she mostly played dead and let me trim them all. But as soon as I let her go she fled. Also vacuumed the section of carpet with the scraps she clawed from her tube/platform. She swatted at the machine a couple of times.

Watched some Ice Pilots on TWC. Earlier I think I saw De La Salle's football team get crushed by a relative unknown. Bosco. St. John Bosco. He's the patron saint of juvenile delinquents. Fitting.

Ordered a pair of wall calendars on Amazon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shopping for grocs which GO doesn't carry. Whole Foods, Lucky's, Safeway.
Maybe get a haircut
Unload the dryer, fold and put away undies & socks & hang up shirts

I have to stop skipping Lunch

This has happened three times recently. I skip lunch to go somewhere, and when I get home my Hgl is diving and insulin reaction sets in. It knocks me out pretty badly, and takes a couple of hours and some major carbs to recover from. Today's fun was going to Whole Foods, not finding anything on my list at a price I was willing to pay, and the one item which only Whole Foods stocks was not stocked at the one I went to.

So I took my list to Lucky's, found everything, but had two adventures. I had doubled up my diuretic (long story - doctor approved) and when I found the restrooms sign it was in front of doors to the back area with "No unauthorized personnel" on them. Someone coming out said yes, down the hall to the right, and gave me the code for the door lock. WTF? Your "public" restrooms are in a private area and need a code which most customers would not know?

By this time I had all but one item from my list, garbanzo beans. It took a while to choose from the dozen brands. Made easier when the house brand was on sale for 78¢. $1 at GO, 99¢-$1.49 for other brands.

And then I was starting to feel hungry from lack of lunch and my full insulin morning dosage. Bought a couple of boxes of Ding Dongs on sale, and a pair of frozen pizzas, also on sale.

Checked out, put the bags in the hatchback, except for one box of ding dongs. Sat in the car and ate two ding dongs, and waited till I was good to drive. It's all surface roads home from there.

Home, put away everything which needed to be kept cold, then plunked into the recliner with a glass of egg nog, and turned on a football game. I kept falling asleep. Thought about taking a nap but was too tired to get up. Hgl was 80 after the ding dongs. One more egg nog and I was awake enough to fire up the PC.

Also fired up the oven, and made a DiGiorno supreme self-rising pizza for dinner. No salad. Which shows I was still out of it because most of the things I bought at Lucky's was for salads.
Before I went shopping I set up the ironing board and ironed a lot of underpants. I've never done that before because of the line in The Odd Couple where Oscar chides Felix for doing that. But it was just the waistbands, the elastic had bunched up on about half the pairs of shorts. Lowest iron setting did the trick. And then switched to the highest temp and ironed four allegedly perma-pressed shirts which had saggy collars, and then some Hawaiian shirts.

Before pizza I streamed for a bit. The troll created a couple of annoying user names, but they were nuked by Twitch instantly. Someone donated $50 to my stream. Cash in Paypal. Surprised me. He didn't stay very long.

Bagged and froze the leftover pizza.

Used up Spook's chicken flavored treats, filled the jar with seafood flavored treats, she liked those just fine.

In the mail was a new year's card from my American nephew's family. They look very happy, him, wife, boy, girl. A montage of happy photos. Also in the mail was a flyer from a realtor who has sold a few homes here. I'll give him a call for a second opinion.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some football
Catch up on whatever is on Tivo
Don't go shopping