Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another day, another fail

Up late, out late, at work not too late.

Disconnected the last failed STB, and set up an almost identical one in its place. No coax connector, and the screen came up in Arabic  & English instead of Norwegian. After I grabbed the build info, I installed the update, and got stuck because one of the first things it does is require you to pair the remote. It would not pair. There was no way around it, which is insane because the only thing pairing adds is the voice function. Otherwise it would be a perfectly good remote.

Before I was able to fire it up I had to use the power supply from the Norway box, because they sent the wrong one with the Dubai box.

So that's 3 FAILs from one manufacturer, and blame mostly our person in Europe who is in such a hurry that she doesn't take the time to at least make sure the box works before she ships it across the pond.

My 10 am interview call didn't happen till 10:17, by that time I had left the fairly private nook on the patio and gone back to my lab. That's fairly private too, though. But it meant I didn't have my BT headphones on and had to just make do with the phone. Interviewer was very apologetic for all the missed calls and this one being late. The interview was a good one, but there are other candidates, and she left it non-committal.

Lunch was another Safeway chef's salad, this time I only used half the dressing. And strawberries. With a snack later of cantaloupe.

Watched my favorite storm chaser, the chat was very lively. When he was done I switched to the metal detector, who had moved to a revolutionary war site, and dug up a lot of big pieces, such as a horseshoe which looked like one designed for throwing.

Plugged the car in at 5, left around 6, went straight home.

Nothing delivered. Some announcements in the park slot about a candidate night. I don't really care about the city elections, the previous 12 years of councils have totally destroyed the city with stupid traffic renovations and nothing can save it now.

I've read the issues in the voter guide, and pretty much decided on voting for rent control, removing the gas tax and registration increase,  and lowering dialysis costs for patients at private clinics. I'm for all the bond measures except one which will build more private children's hospitals at taxpayer expense. There are a couple of local bonds I'm in favor of (school and environment ones).

Nothing delivered. Coming soon: Tivo mini, Hawaiian shirts, honeysuckle plants

In prep for that last one, I dumped all three 2Cu' bags of Miracle Grow soil into the garden. Two onto the spot where the wild roses didn't grow and one near the lilies of the Nile. The more I looked, the more I thought I need at least one more bag, but that's a whole day project of pulling up the bird of paradise which hasn't grown in 3 years, and the yarrow, which has grown but turned grey. Then putting down good soil and re-planting them.

Facebook as Spook is working as planned. None of my contentious friends are allowed. Family has mostly found it.

Watched 2 PTI episodes and the latest Dr. Who. I was very impressed with Who, Jodi is fully The Doctor now, the script moved right along, the axe which was left on the table was used. It was seriously telegraphed, but it was used. Well written, and no fart jokes. I'm not sure I like the idea of three companions, especially when one of them is by far the most companion-like. Maybe it will shake out that way in the end.

Plans for tomorrow:
Tivo - Below Deck, Penn & Teller, Shark Tank

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