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That fellow above is my late, great brother-in-law Ben. He was a Sgt. in the USAF, went back to college, met my eldest sister at a Hillel event, I think, and visited the summer camp where she was a cook. I was a counselor there until they fired me. She told me they were getting married. I asked if he knew, and she said women were always several steps ahead of men in that area.

They did get married, moved in together until she graduated college, and then they moved to Israel. He was an electronics and microwave expert, and was instrumental in designing and building the first Doppler radar. It was for his job at the Israeli water company, which was in charge of cloud seeding.

He said that line often, but he was good at forcing things without breaking them. I left him my Sinclair micro computer and he programmed a pong-like game into it. He also fixed my shoddy solder job on a boom box I'd brought with me so I gifted it to him to use for computer data collection.
Up early, out early, not a huge backup at the freeway exit.

Lots of email back and forth with one of the manufacturer reps in Europe. The one who sent the four different borked STBs. The last two are for Norway and Dubai, but have almost identical issues during the setup phase. Customer show-stopper for Dubai, very well hidden work-around for Norway. Rep did not get it that the Dubai unit wouldn't update to the latest build. I tried a hack she suggested, but what was installed wasn't the build number I was expecting. Toward the end of the day Boss came in, not pleased with our Europe liaison. Things over there are sloppy.

NP ran all the tests on the new crapTV build,  so I installed it just to see if smoke would come pouring out. It didn't. Tomorrow I may run the Test Which Always Fails.

Lunch was beef teriyaki steamer & strawberries.

After confirming it has a barometric pressure sensor & fingerprint scanner, I found a refurb Samsung Galaxy S9. Will sell the Pixel phone after I make the transfer.

Plugged the car in at 5, claimed it at 5:45.

Home, delivered was a big Amazon box with 3 Hawaiian shirts & 2 big-number digital clocks. Also delivered was the Tivo mini vox, which was simple to install, sort of. From the Tivo POV it was a breeze, but from my TV stand's POV it needed my best Pythagorean skilz to figure out that it needed to go under the TV, and I really did need a couple of those 1-foot extension cords, with the Tivo cables threaded through the stand from the back. Also set up one of the clocks on that power strip.

Mini worked great and the only FAIL was the factory reset after the obligatory update. There is some lag, but it mirrors my livingroom Tivo as if I was there. The remote can control the TV input, volume and power, which is nice.

The shirts fit -  XXL instead of 3X. But they are polyester, not cotton.

So of course I went into the livingroom to watch PTI and Long Lost Family. Dinner was a chopped liver & onions on rye sandwich with lactose-free Bryer's chocolate ice cream for dessert, with cherries, walnut bits and a wee bit of caramel syrup.

Played with the feather wand with Spot, and when Spook showed some interest I added her to the fun, though she was more annoyed at the invasion of her space than interested  in hunting like Spot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vet at 9:30. Spook's annual. I brought the carrier inside when I got home
Kaiser for A1C test

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