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Been listening to the Bing Crosby station on Pandora. They play a lot of Dean Martin.
Up early this morning when I didn't have to. 4 am. I felt like I'd slept all night. Back to sleep, up at 7:15, waited for the alarm before pushing Spot off the bed and taking care of business. Spot likes to lie alongside me, purring up a storm, between me and the bathroom.

Watched part of Shark Tank in the bedroom, because I could. And because I had time to kill.

9 am, poured Spook into the carrier, but the gate came off so I had to collect her from the cat tree and do it again. At the vet a few minutes early for the 9:30 appointment.  A tech helped her out of the carrier (we took the top off)and then went to get the vet. Spook hid under the couch. Vet is a totally hot cute petite woman, amazing eyes. Married, of course. She collected Spook from the corner she was curled up against and weighed her (she has gained a little weight) took her temp and stethoscoped her. The red on the tip of Spook's nose she thought was either due to allergies or impending infection, so she gave me anti-bacterial wipes (which Spook is not letting me near enough to use) and allergy pills (which I will not even try to use). Tech came back and took cat backstage for shots. The poop samples I brought were useless fossils - the crystal litter dries them out and she poops small.

Took her home, she tried to bust out of the cage before I got the gate open. But she was totally calm and silent on the ride home. In a flash she was in a bedroom closet.

Next stop, Kaiser, and since I had not eaten yet they were able to run all the tests, not just the A1C. Results are in, kidneys are better, liver is worse, A1C is up again. Surprised about the first 2, but not the 3rd.

To work, NP gave me the sound bar to test, Boss said it was hotter than all my other projects, which were all borked anyway.

So I spent the day doing a boatload of Netflix audio tests. It was not pretty. Audio artifacts so bad and varied I made videos. Tomorrow I need to pair those with either bug reports or similar. Have to ask Boss what she wants.

Lunch was beef portabella and strawberries.

Had to park way over on the side of the building. Due to the errands, it needed charging, but when I went outside at 4 and 4:30 all the chargers were taken. Finally one freed up a little after 5.

Stayed till 6:30, I think. Some to let the car charge and some to recover from all the work. I hate testing junk, especially when it's supposed to be ready to ship.

Streamed my ride home, it came out well now that I've tweaked the rez and fps. And set Twitch to save the Streamlabs broadcasts. My page is here.

Went online to check, and another window showed Thursday Night Football, which I missed. Watched PTI and Below Deck. Mike and Tony are getting louder in their old age. Steve Young was their 5-minute guest, he is great to have on. On the yacht, somehow the crew has been made up of 4 total jerks. No, 3 total jerks and one fairly balanced guy who is #2 deckhand. I would fire the crew chief and the motor mouth woman. We'll see.

Dinner was a can of tuna and a can of sardines. Sardines have gotten huge since I was a kid. Also warmed up a criossant. Dessert was a single scoop of chocolate chunk ice cream.

Spot loved the remains in the tuna can. Spook is out of sorts from the vaccinations, having trouble climbing so she is parked on the floor or on the window sill. She is growling at Spot from about 3x as far away as usual.

Delivered was a couple of boxes of Kind bars (a week early), three small honeysuckle plants, and a polyester Hawaiian shirt which I may send back. I found a couple of cotton ones online which are on their way.

Also delivered to my bank was my Social Security dole. And in email a message that my refinancing is complete, and they will send me my final papers Real Soon Now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Set up the Samsung phone
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