Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Screaming Media Fry Day

After compiling the humongous spreadsheet and sorting it three ways and sending to Boss, I was pretty much done for the day, just did some ad hoc testing.

Lunch was chicken teriyaki, very small portion, not very good. Mango for dessert, also not very good - over-ripe.

Had a lively chat with a bunch of storm chasers and storm chaser chasers. Got a bunch of people following my Twitch page. More on that later..

NP comes in and takes the crapTV off my 2nd table and brings in a new Sony. I hooked her up to the AV receiver - NP had no idea how to plug in an optical cable - and then she needed to test component input, so I hooked up a DVD player for that, but before we could test it, Sony manager barges in with an engineer either from Sony or assigned to the project, and they confirm a few bugs in the device, and then Boss barges in and does her thing of taking over the event by non-stop LOUDNESS and after 15 minutes of this, after the two others have left, she sees the DVD player and thinks it doesn't belong there, which is when I tell her she interrupted our testing. She slunk away and let us continue.

NP then took the Sony TV back to her space and left me to my project of adding to more info to my Twitch page.

At the stroke of 5:30 I was out of there, Sony people and Boss were still being LOUD over by NP/Boss' spaces.

Set up my phone to stream, and this time two people watched for a minute - but apparently the rez was way too high and it looked like crap. Puzzling because the video recorded pretty well, just a few small hiccups.

So I've set the phone's rez way down and will try again tomorrow.

Home, delivered to all 3 doors were the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, which I charged up enough to set up, but I need a SIM card. The Pixel phone's SIM is built in. Oh wait, it isn't. It just doesn't have a slot for an SD card. I should be able to take the Pixel phone's SIM card and put it into the Samsung. I was on the page for that at Verizon's site but didn't know...

Also delivered was a 3-pack of litterbox cartridges and 16 lbs of Purina One anti-hairball mix. Will open those tomorrow.

Put the undies in the dryer. They're done now.

Made some graphics for the Twit page. Tried the Streamlabs OBS beta, but it sucks. Will stick with Twitch OBS for now.

Dinner was two steamed pork buns and some Ha Gow. Mochi and a popsicle for dessert.

Watched PTI, which is airing too many episodes with one or both hosts missing. And Who Is The One?  which has become seriously effed up. Everyone is in it for the $1 million, nobody is really trying to find True Love™. 8 weeks in, and only 2 couples have been declared a match by the unseen judges, who probably picked who they thought would be matches when they cast the show. But time wounds all heels, people change, and I bet half those couples are no longer a match.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant 3 honeysuckle plants
Maybe get some more soil at Lowe's and re-plant the stagnant Yarrow and Bird of Paradise
Swap the Pixel SIM into the Samsung. There's a web page for that.
5:30 coffee in MV with Janice
Afterward Bay Photo Arts party with my favorite model

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