January 5th, 2020


Party, Landscaping, Ice Fishing, Groc, Football, Gold Rush

Not really insomnia, I just felt more comfortable at 1:30 am in the recliner with a cup of hot cocoa watching an hour of Gold Rush on TV. Then I went to bed. Lots of things on my mind which I can't do anything about were keeping me up.

Spook had been curled up in bed next to me, but she followed me into the livingroom and parked herself a few feet away and never came back to bed. :-(

Slept in to make up for all that. Had breakfast and got to the monthly birthday party in time, and as usual people were surprised to see me still here. Lots of wishes for better luck.

#20 had three trucks parked in front, one towing a landscaping trailer. When I left the house they were painting and cutting boards but by the time I returned there were about 20 plants arranged across the front, and a form had been built on the south side which eventually was filled with garden soil. One guy out front had a post hole digger and by the end of the day all the plants were planted. I'm not sure if they installed irrigation. One more day to finish the south side, I think.

Lunch - finished off the salad greens, and breakfast was my last banana, so I went to GO, plugged in the car, and bought what I needed, plus a big can of mixed nuts. Healthy snack. My food stamp account is down to $11, I can't remember how to check when I get more. I think it's the 10th.

Home, spent a lot of time watching a streamer who was ice fishing with friends and their children. Little holes in the ice, they had a small rig which made a little flag (the size of garden marker flags) wave when a fish bit. They had about 4 holes going, and were pulling up a fish every few minutes. Pike and large mouth bass. Fairly large ones, big enough to fillet. They also had a portable hut, a heater and a fish locater device.

Back to the TV, watched the rest of the Gold Rush episodes. Then back to ice fishers who had gone home and were preparing the fish to eat.

Back to TV, watched Tulane womp Southern Miss, and then the Titans squeaked by the Patriots, heroically preventing  a last-minute score by Brady & Co. And sadly (I didn't see the game) Bills lost to the Texans. Tomorrow we get Vikings/Saints and Seahawks/Eagles

Streamed for a while, had two chatters active, but something went wrong after I reclaimed my "howeird" name, and OBS wouldn't answer any commands or run any timers. I'm guessing that StreamElements is the issue. Or it may just take time for the change to propagate.

Dinner was a salad and some mashed/gravy and a chicken leg. I think I'll do a casserole with the KFC chicken breasts which are huge and better served pulled.

Delivered was a pair of slippers, they have the same soles as the ones I put aside for the Walmart ones. Which means they won't make ugly marks on the floor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take off the toilet seat and try to fix the mechanism which makes it not slam
Work on the StreamElements issues
Watch the #20 landscaping continue
Follow the ice fishing if they are out there again
5:30 coffee with J. Need to ask if she knows her mentee is selling the house. And give her a calendar