January 21st, 2020


Excrement occurs. Expletives deleted

Delivered in a way too big box on the carport steps - assorted cat toys. The two catnip stuffed ones Spook was minimally interested in but the little mouse on a spring saw a lot of action. The rainbow shoelace on a stick isn't substantial enough to hold her interest.

This morning I forgot it was a holiday and put one last calendar in the mailbox. After the garbage bins had been brought in there was email that a prescription had been delivered by USPS and was in my mailbox. I went out and got it, they also picked up the mail, so I guess MLK day is not a Federal holiday after all.

Last night was a mess. I was so pissed off that tivo didn't record the end of the 49ers game that I got up at 1:30, fired up the PC, went to YouTube and found a replay. Richard Sherman, who had let a TD fly past him earlier, made the game-ending interception.

Back to bed but up again at 4, switched on Tivo to catch several segments of the after-game shows.

Up at 6 for a pit stop, but ignored the 8 am alarm and stayed in bed till 11.

No breakfast. Salad and chicken noodle soup for lunch. Apple pie a la mode for dinner. Chocolate chip cookies bedtime snack.

5 pm, Realtor called, did I get her email? No. She probably forgot to write it. Bottom line is the park won't let the buyers move in at the agreed Feb date, they want to delay it till March 6. Buyer won't be 55 in time. Sounds like BS to me. Realtor used all the "I understand how frustrated you are" lines I learned in management class, but those don't work on me. I told her I'm inclined to scrap the deal. And I'll have to think about it. At the very least, the price will go up more than $2k.

Felt like saying bad words. Very angry. And depressed. But mostly angry.

On Tivo today was Graham Norton and an Andy Cohen which I stopped and killed as it was Real Housewives of Atlanta, which thinks Real means ripping off people's wigs.

VegasDogLife streamer was at the MLK parade. Well attended but mostly by the demographic one would expect, and it was a meager offering. Not worth the effort. The other Vegas streamer is on in the background now, on Fremont Street listening to bad rock bands. But the roof display is excellent.

Emailed Realtor asking for dates - when is the date of no back-outs, when does escrow close, when does the house have to be moved out of.

Went onto Amtrak to see if a winter ride to Seattle was possible, they want $500 for a roomette one way. Not sure I want to sit up next to someone else for 24 hours for $150 each way.   Yosemite vacation is about $500 total, but it's mostly on buses, only an hour on a train.

No plans for tomorrow except a lot of tivo time. And moping. And piano.