February 8th, 2020



10:30 am
Did not sleep well last night or the night before, and this morning elevation sickness hit me a bit. The shower was not producing hot water, turned out the handle was stuck in the middle. Followed my late brother in law's advice "if it don't work, force it" and got hot water.

Am dressed and have punched in Ethel M Cactus gardens & chocolate factory into my GPS. Waiting it to get warmer outside.

Yesterday started with breakfast at the Arizona Charlie's/Boulder where I am staying. This is a small casino far from the strip with a multi-building motel not quite attached. The usual parking for my building is blocked while they commit topiary on the trees, so it's a bit of a walk.

It was early so I drove past the mobile home park and tried for a shot of the mountains from the wetlands preserve, but the brush and restrooms are in the way. It was very dry out there.

Got to the mobile home park about 10 minutes early, but that was okay. Lina,with whom I have been working on this project, had sent email in reply to my spreadsheet of homes I liked on their web site. I had 10 units, she picked 5. But she pulled keys for more than 5. We went to my top choice first, but there were some showstoppers, so we went to the next on the list, which I liked but it was all faux hardwood floors and I want carpet.

I lost count of how many homes we saw, but toward the end there was one which I liked enough to make an offer on, toward the back of the park. Technically 2BR but a large den which would work as a library (what my guest room is today). $69,900 asking price, I offered $65,000, with a move-in date of 3/7 or 3/8. Linda called the owner, who accepted.

Paperwork ensued, turned out I needed to re-apply for membership since it was past 90 days from my last approval.

Next, BofA for a $3k deposit check and $30 check for the application. Phoned Linda, she said come on over, had her staffer draw up a contract, which I initialed and signed in various places. Far fewer pages than California requires.

I still need to order up a home inspection and insurance.

Unfortunately I cannot move in before 3/7, so I'll be in a motel and Spook will be in a pet hotel for a week. Same thing the week before we fly out.

Here's the house [click]

Back to the motel, had dinner - way too thickly coated country fried steak and a big banana split. Too much food.

Vegged for a while at the sports area, decided not to drive to the Luxor, but getting a taxi was non-trivial because I needed to wait in line at reception for them to call. No taxi stand, no one by the front doors. 15 minute wait after the call.

$30 one-way. I could have  done valet parking for less. But driving at night in a strange city was probably worth it.

Arrived just in time for the show at the Luxor. Great show, but the music was too loud, the cute blonde MC from last time had been demoted to dancer and they brought back the caustic Latina MC who was all about dick jokes. So was the new comedy act, instead of the not at all funny comedian they had a comedy circus actor and his very hot assistant. His first bits were excellent, but his final one was over the top tasteless.

The dancers were great, lots of costume changes and removals. Topless and thongs.

No wait for a taxi at the Luxor. slightly more $ due to long traffic lights.

To bed, totally exhausted.

Plans for today:
Cactus farm & chocolate factory
Maybe Fremont Street at night

Plans for tomorrow:
leave around 8 am for 11 am flight


Slept in, read on the tablet till 10:30, did not get to Ethel M's until almost noon. It's not too far from the mobile home park, a bit farther from the motel.

Very small factory, may just be for demo purposes. The cactus farm is massive, but they have annoyingly placed cheap valentine's day things among the plants. Hearts X and O. Very tacky. And most of the plants are strung with little lights. It may look better at night, but I doubt it. The whole concept of a garden to purify the water for the factory is completely gone.

Many photos on the Nikon but I don't have the right USB connector with me. Maybe tomorrow probably Monday.

Sciatica in my right side made for a painful visit, and shortness of breath from the altitude, too much hydration and low BP so I canceled my plans for the rest of the day, stopped at albertson's and got caffeine free diet Coke, bananas, pre-made salads (fork included) and more glasses wipes. Totally forgot the dental floss.

Back to the motel, caught my breath, drank some cola, ate two Ethel M dark chocolate mini bars,emailed the house inspector and the insurance agent. Watched the XFL game, phoned middle sister. And here I am at 6:30,a salad in my future.

Need to pack, maybe call youngest sister.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early
Check out of motel by 8
Return car
catch my 11 am flight home
give Spook some treats
upload photos