March 2nd, 2020


Avis doesn't try at all anymore

Had a good night's sleep. 8 am phone call ignored, voicemail said Cigna has enrolled me in their Medicare program. Yay.

A series of texts saying my car is on board a transport, and it may be here as early as tomorrow. I told them to deliver it to the hotel, which has a huge parking lot and no gate to mess with. The plan is to take delivery, bring the rental back to Avis and take a taxi back to the hotel.

No breakfast, spent the time reloading my meds holders from the stash in my baggage. The challenge was to find the bottles which had already been unsealed, since I have more than one of most of the prescription meds.

Drove the Camry to the airport rental, it's a long trip. Check-in was normal, I told the guy I didn't like the car and wanted a different model. He said to talk to the people in the Preferred booth. Who told me that the check-in guy had somehow suspended my account. She sent me to the desk in the main building, but they don't do that. I needed to phone reservations, who eventually transferred me to customer service, who didn't get it at all. She said that their policy is if I don't like the car, simply return it, and they will provide another at the same price. It took her about two 5-minute sessions with me on hold to allow me to make a new reservation. Back to the main desk, Jack found a Nissan Sentra for me, told me to go downstairs and make sure it worked for me. As I was coming back, another customer had been given that car. So Jack made a phone call and in about 10 minutes there was another Sentra waiting for me by the Preferred booth.

I will still have to get a refund from Avis for the Camry.

Back to the hotel, Rueben and cole slaw and German chocolate cake for lunch.

No wi fi in the room, so I took a nap. Needed it.

Drove to Albertson's a few blocks away, stocked up on diet Coke, Famous Amos, dark chocolate, bananas and chocolate milk.

Told the GPS to find Thai food, it brought me around the corner to The Thai Room. Small place, menu of Thai favorites all in English. They spoke Thai, and explained that there were very few Thais in Vegas so no need to print the menu in Thai. The Raht Na was meh, too much broccoli. Coconut ice cream was good. Very friendly people. I'll go there again and try other items.

Back to the hotel, took 2 trips to get the cola upstairs.

Wifi just needed to be signed into again.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the car delivery
Maybe take the laptop to the library and use their wi-fi
Plenty of menu items at the hotel restaurant to try
Watch election returns and BS and maybe the NFL combine