March 4th, 2020


Banking, charging, nails, library, traffic snafu

Started the day with a banana and Famous Amos. Lots of time on the phone setting up utilities. Gas and electric [two separate companies] gave me account numbers to use later online to enable auto-pay. Water is paid by the park. So is sewer, but the LV sewage company rep was very rude telling me the park is serviced by the county. Garbage is transferred when the county gets the title transfer, nothing I have to do. Cable wants to rush me the card, so I'll wait till Friday to finish the order.

Extended my stay & Spook's one day. Emailed the movers to slide delivery window a day. No answer.

Priority after that was get the car charged - GPS had me on the freeway way out of town and the car was telling me it was losing charge rapidly, so I turned around and headed for the Nissan dealership, they only had slow chargers and had no idea where the fast chargers were. The EvGo app found one 5 miles away at a car wash. Got 88% in half an hour.

B of A up the block, got the two cashier's checks and change for a 20. Trader Joe's across the parking lot - stood in line for the restroom. Bigger line when I came out.

Nail NV - had an acrylic fill done, no color this time. It took a while but was the same price as CA.

Library, the gas company web site didn't like my info but the electric company did.

Nobody streaming on Twitch. Too late for the daily drive. Too nice a day to stay inside so I sat in the car and re-did my GPS address book. Removed the CA locations and added the NV ones. It's a short list now. Plugged in my new home address.

Back to the hotel - could not get there. The cops had the highway blocked off  between the library and the hotel. News said it was more than an hour after the accident and there were no emergency vehicles or wreck remains. WTF? Parked, scanned radio stations and re-did my presets. There are no AM stations except Jesus ones. Lots of FM. No news stations.

Had GPS find a Starbucks and hung out for an hour.

Back to the hotel, dinner was okay egg rolls, bad combo fried rice enough to feed an army. Actually, I had to get in line for the elevator because about 100 air force guys in camo with huge luggage were checking in. Big guys.

Back to the room, watched TV, Facebooked, wifi keeps cutting out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the gas company about the botched account info
Do laundry
maybe take a tour. Find something to do outdoors
Call the movers, did they get my message?