March 5th, 2020


One More Day, kind of

In theory, escrow closes tomorrow, $$ from the buyers will pay off my mortgage , $$ will be wired to my realtor in LV to pay off my new house, and what is left will be wired into my bank account. Due to the weekend, we don't expect the $$ to actually arrive until Monday.

After the morning shower, which is an adventure because the tub has a very high rim, and nothing to hold onto to get out except the door handle, meds taken, Hgl was good, BP also.

AG phoned, we talked for 20 minutes.

I called SW Gas, they said my account won't be log-in-able till Monday.

Downstairs, bought a small bottle of Tide, and a roll of quarters. Then upstairs, gathered my laundry in the big garbage bag I packed for that purpose, down to the 3rd floor, piled the laundry into a washing machine (there were three, one available) and pumped in $1.50  in quarters and poured in some Tide.

Back to the room for 20 minutes, then back to the laundry, put the wet clothes in a dryer (again one free out of 3) and kept pushing in quarters till it said 66 minutes.

Back to the room to wait, watch TV and battle the erratic wi-fi.

Collected the laundry, hung up the shirts, put the undies and cutoffs in a drawer.

Gathered up the laptop and drove to the library just in time for the daily drive home, except he had left work early so I came in halfway. Still good to say hi to all the chatters and let them know I am in LV. A couple asked after Spook. Apparently dog owners have not had good experiences with PetSmart's pet hotel. I've never had a problem with cats.

After that stream, Cat and Wayne were on their boat fishing on Lake Mead. She was jazzed that I was joining in from her local library. It's really pretty out there and only 20 miles away, so I said I would bring my camera out there tomorrow. Not sure if they be out there again.

Escrow person called, she had wire instructions for the LV house but not the amount. I was able to provide that, so we should be good for tomorrow.

Drove up the hill to the car charger, checked out Terrible Herbst - it's like a 7-11 for people on drugs. They did not have anything on my shopping list so after charging I drove a couple of blocks to CVS, and got everything and more. Found a perfect mustache scissor, some chocolate milk, Ghirardelli chocolates, benedryl spray, iron on patches for the tear in my computer bag. Lens wipes too.

Back to the hotel, ironed on the patch, but that was a mistake because the bag is nylon, which wanted to melt. Looks like I need to buy a replacement.

Programmed a Thai restaurant into my GPS and it led me to an empty lot. Tried a second one, and it said there was one on a big hotel/casino. They did have places to eat but no Thai. I tried the buffet (Feast at Palace Station) it was only $11, after I got a player's card. The food was pretty bad, but the ice cream was excellent.

Back to the hotel, have finished 2 small diet cokes. Time to switch to chocolate milk.

Plans for tomorrow:
Assemble my camera
Drive to Lake Mead
Take pictures
I'm pretty sure there is sunblock in the car
There ought to be a charger somewhere on the way back