March 17th, 2020


Low low BP, slow getting started, some major discoveries in the boxes

Found some important stuff. SodaStream, baking pans, cooking pans, rice cooker, cauldron, ceramic bowls. After cramming all the packing paper on the floor of the guest room into a big box, discovered Dad's dime collection. Now have two Sonos speakers set up, and all three Google and Echo units. Finally got Alexa to realize I'm in LV. After picking up all that paper, I was pooped and my BP was low. Took a nap.

Made all the sodas, including a faux piña colada which I've never seen before LV. Had a couple of egg creams too.

Dinner was some salad, and butterfly shrimp. The oven is very modern, push button temp set, and there's a timer, but I need to RTFM to figure out how to set the countdown to start vs the countdown to stop.

The laundry cabinet which I moved to the living room is coming in handy for the stuff which had been in the kitchen island. I have t shift some boxes before putting it back in the kitchen.

In the guest room closet I found the camping gear which they were supposed to have put in the shed.

Finally emptied my suitcases, and moved them to the shed.

Programmed the DMV address into the car GPS and renamed the places I've been from their addresses to their names. Much more useful that way.

Streamed for half an hour, several chatters joined in. I had set an alarm to remind me to tune into the drive home stream, but he left an hour early so I missed it.  Probably will miss it again what with the DMV trip.

Delivered was the Greatest Showman DVD. Will wait till I have the home theater set up before I play it.

Ordered a replacement for the broken floor fan, and the missing hampers.

One more stupidity, they took all the containers out of the box they came in and shoved misc. utensils inside which did not fit and bent the lid. The containers are parked in the sink till I can get around to putting them where they belong.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put kitchen stuff away in the cabinet
Pull the shredder out of the box in the guest room and put it in the office.
Relocate the camping gear to the shed
11 am DMV driver's license appt.