March 24th, 2020


A Short Course On Miracles

Spook had occupied the middle of the bed before I got there, and she was on the bed most of the night, as usual adjusting to me being there. But it was a restless night, lots of stuff in my head about what ifs around the movers.

Finally gave up at 7:15, nice to have the lights come on at 7:30.

Meds & breakfast as usual.

Expecting the movers to arrive around 11, but they didn't. I may have watched an episode of Below Deck Sailing, which is pretty bad. Way too much romance amongst the crew. But at least this time the guests were sexy.

Almost every channel on TV is the virus channel. There are other things going on in the world, people.

Watched the daily drive home. Two other storm chasers were streaming but they were en route, no active storms.

Called the moving company at 3, they said the crew was 40 minutes away. They showed up after 4. Right away they put the pins in the bookcases (they came with a box of them, newly bought, not the originals) and they figured out where to put the shelves, I think they got one wrong but I don't know for sure and I can work around it. Next, they flipped the bed frame on it side and there was the power supply, hidden underneath. They put the legs on, plugged in the power and I checked out the remote - it worked. $2k saved.

Finally they re-assembled the kitchen cart (which had been used for gardening stuff). Not sure where it will go.

Emailed the moving company, they will reimburse me for the bed pump and the broken fan. Eventually they will be getting 1 star on Yelp.

Lunch was the last of the Albertson's fried chicken and half a can of creamed corn. Dinner was four pieces of cheesy garlic toast. The oven is amazing, you punch in the desired temperature, hit "start" and it counts down the time to be at that temp. There's a cooking timer, but I haven't tried it yet.

Did full backups of C and E drives. Or was that yesterday?

Watched Dr. Phil. It's like watching a dancing bear.  He has way too many commercial breaks. Half of them are for his $$ making spin-offs.

I don't have BBC on my cable line-up. I should probably watch Graham Norton on YouTube. Nothing else on BBC America is worth paying for.

Watched a video on how to load line onto my fishing reel.

Streamed for an hour. Had several chatters keeping the conversation going.

The master bathroom toilet is clogged. I need to buy a snake. Sadly I left two behind on purpose.

Plans for tomorrow:
Re-arrange some furniture
- Move the small recliner into the foyer
- Replace it with the former office rack and load the canned foods onto it, and maybe the spices too
Maybe drive down Boulder City highway toward the lake.
Get the mail
Find a place for the sugar/flour/curry paste