March 29th, 2020


Sunday virtual vacation

Up with the alarm at 7:30 lolled about in bed till 8:30. Banana and egg, and a couple of Little Debbie Swiss rolls.

No storm chasers. :-(
Twitch was pretty dead.
Facebook meme of the day was to post a scenery photo. The person starting the meme would post something, I would reply with something. The last two I found my photos of the same place. Ankor wat and Brighton.

Lots of lovely pix, I enjoyed seeing them.

No unpacking at all today.

Major project was to go through the Tivo channel list and hide all the channels I don't watch and all the ones I don't get a signal from. Next step is to build a favorite channels list. More useful here than with Comcast, because here the HD channels are not in order.

Lunch was a small salad and moo shu. Dinner started with salad, then unfroze some rice and heated up half of the first shrimp in lobster sauce, then the other half. They used cheap rice. Chip mint ice cream, with whipped cream and Hershey's syrup. I may have fruit cocktail for a bedtime snack.

Took out the garbage, met my next door neighbor in 416. She is a very attractive woman, probably just barely 55. Single, I think. A dog and a cat. Two daughters, one went to UW the other is at UCSB.

Delivered was a big box of Sheba wet food, the mini meals. Turns out I already had a lot of those, bought a box when I got Spook out of the pet hotel. They keep well, though. I need to remember to put a meat stick on her office tower daily. Also delivered was a bottle of clove oil and a pack of breathe-right strips.

Nothing on tivo. Lots of channel surfing to validate the channel list.

I charged the car, it did not take long.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home
Home depot should deliver a pair of racks, for me to assemble in the shed, and then move all the camping stuff from the guest room and the master bedroom closets.
Re-arrange the big spices and put the baking items on that level.
See if the wok will fit above the baking pans