March 30th, 2020


Some major progress, stuff delivered, mortgage paid

Banana and egg, and maybe something chocolate for breakfast. Spent most of the day emptying kitchen boxes, loading spices and baking ingredients onto the lazy Susans on the rack, and designating one drawer for the utensils, and one which has the spice grinders is also now holding the food/chips bag clips. Took an hour with the box that had the batteries, ziplocked them by size, and am using one of the bottom drawers in the rolltop desk for that. I am missing the box of 100 AA's. There are only 2 more kitchen boxes to go, small ones. At this point dumping them out on the floor seems to be the best procedure.

I have a small pile of Goodwill candidates, plus there are some items in the white cabinet which can go. Lots of knives to add to that pile later.

One of the tiers went into the narrow cabinet, parchment, foil and plastic wrap below, my most used pots and sieve above.

The contents of the spice cabinet are on a lazy Susan in the big cabinet, but I've ordered 2-tier lazy Susans 12" and will put those below the 18" ones. So a 12" surface on the bottom and an 18" surface on top.

Delivered at about 2 pm were the two storage racks for the shed. I'll assemble them tomorrow and move stuff onto them. Home depot express from the store delivery was a side hustle man in a brand new black town car, paper license plates, trunk big enough to fit two storage racks. They are packaged in rectangles about 4' x 3'. Big trunk.

Been feeling sneezy all day, the local TV weather people say pollen is very thick in the air.

Spook has been all over the place, right now she's in the dark guest bathroom, but she finds places as diverse as the middle of the living room rug and inside a sort of fort made from my sandals, a step stool and a box.
The plastic boxes are kitchen items which Realtor told me to get off of the counters and out of sight. That tree is a program from the last Los Altos Ye Olde Towne Band concert I was in. At least 2 years old, I think. The box Spook is looking up at is the last of the laundry room items. Much will be donated.

Also delivered was a pair of compression sleeves for my calves, but I tried one and it barely fit over my foot, and I had to cut it off. I need a wrap-around maybe just an Ace bandage. I should call the advice nurse.

Special delivery from USPS was an envelope from my mortgage company, inside was the PAID stamp on my loan, and a check for > $400 of over-payment. So I am officially a house seller.

Which raises the question of when do I get title for my Las Vegas house?

Taking in the garbage I notice neighbor Sandy's was taken in by a rather sturdy looking man, so I guess she isn't single after all. Oh well.

Late last night I gave in to the inevitable and ordered a 76-key electronic piano/synth keyboard. It has USB MIDI, which is a huge leap over the ancient multi-prong cables. It makes sense, MIDI has always been a serial connection. Amazon had a 1-month delivery date, so I went to Walmart, it should be here in a week. Yamaha, with a stand. Casio was less expensive but not as sleek.

Lunch was combo chow fun, big serving so half is back in the fridge. Salad and wor won ton soup for dinner.

Watched the daily drive home. At 6 I streamed and was joined by one of the drive home regulars in New Orleans. She says they need the rain which is coming tomorrow.

Nothing on Tivo again. Watched some Maury, and Ancient Aliens, and a really stupid JHS level science show with Tyson trying so hard to not sound condescending and failing miserably. And what used to be called Mysteries At The Museum is now Beyond Explanation. Nothing has changed except the name.

And I guess Tom Brady is now a Tampa Bay Suckaneer. One ESPN show debated the merits of that for an hour. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Build the shed racks & move stuff from the guest closet
Dump the last 2 kitchen boxes (one at a time)
ATM - deposit the check. There's a drive-thru across the street from the hotel I stayed at
Maybe file some paperwork
Maybe call the advice nurse