April 14th, 2020


Lots of deliveries, stuff done, Handyman came early

Up at 6:30, dressed and taking meds at 7:30 when handyman Sam drove up. I didn't expect him till 8, but early is fine.

Banana & egg breakfast, chatted with Sam for a bit, then left him to do his work.

Delivered at about 8 Amazon Fresh, two 1-lb boxes of macaroni, AA, AAA and motion sensor batteries. Put those away in the roll-top desk bottom drawer.

Delivered at about 10, a very heavy box which I thought was C batteries, but it was a 4-pack of body wash. I was down to my last half dispenser.

Later, two more boxes. One had cat treats, the other had C batteries and a door chime unit with a pair of push button door bells. Put 3 C batteries into the chime unit, the installed one of those silver disc batteries in each button. Set up the two buttons to play different tunes. Double sided adhesive to stick one near the front door and one near the carport door. The unit is on the top of the tall kitchen cabinet. I may not be able to hear it from the bedroom. We shall see.

Finally delivered was a long thin heavy box which I was hoping was the green screen holder but it was the electric piano's stand, in way too many pieces to be assembled.

In the guest room, emptied one more box. At the bottom were the legs for the rack - one more movers idiocy. They put the rack together possibly upside down, without the legs. It has about 50 lbs of stuff on it now, so it'll have to stay that way. 

Sam got the concrete out from under the shed door and poured a new batch. He replaced the broken wood frame, caulked around the loose places then took off for home depot. Came back and removed the coax from the satellite dish which was ugly and arranged around the side of the house. Major PIA because it was fastened with screw-in tabs instead of the usual U-shaped plastic wrapped nails. He was going to leave the dish till tomorrow, but it found its way into the recycle bin.

The concrete needs to dry before he can hang the door, so I found my staple gun and an Indonesian cloth to tack across the shed opening to make the contents of the shed not easily seen from the street.

Got email from Walmart that a weeder tool I ordered almost a month ago has been delivered - by USPS so I guess it's in my mailbox. I'll check tomorrow.

Skyped with J for a while, watched the daily drive home, then Facebooked. Lots of storm news on TWC, also watched NFL Live but 90 Day fiance was a rerun, PTI has not come back yet so I deleted the manual recordings for those times, watch Kate comment on Below Deck Sailing, and then Andy Cohen had two of that crew on his show.

Friended By God was amazingly convoluted. And also amazingly populated with new black characters. They have given many jobs to people of color. So far all of them have been excellent actors. They are overdoing the subplot where the daughter is pissed at everyone trying to help her.

Spook has been a little more affectionate and staying closer than usual, the deliveries and handyman noise has freaked her out a bit.

Phoned both sisters.

Salad and Boston Market beef & pasta for dinner, can't remember if I had lunch.

I do remember napping during TWC tornado coverage. They kept playing the same 3 clips. And they have way too many prescription drug commercials.

Streamed for an hour, the only chatter came in just as I was signing off.

8 pm joined the Zoom virtual BASFA meeting. It went well. The VP ran it, he had a good plan for procedures and the only thing missing was food. Usually it's a dinner meeting.basfa

Plans for tomorrow:
Round 2 of Handyman. Finish the shed door, fix the front door. Pay the man.
Maybe surprise J with a Skype call
Try to empty another box in the guest room. There is one which should be easy, I just need to figure out where to put the stuff.
Assemble the keyboard stand? Don't know where to put it.

Handyman Day 2, backdrop stand, busy chat

Up just after 6, clogged the toilet right off (still clogged, snake and 3 plungers not doing it).

The usual breakfast. Sam arrived a little after 7:30. Spent all morning on the shed door. It's usable, but his fix was ugly. I may have to get it redone. Front door fix did not work very well either. He says he's not a door person. After the plague is over I need to find a door person.

And a toilet person. Basically I need a higher capacity toilet. And maybe roto rooter.

Called AG but he was in a meeting.

Daily drive was the only thing on Twitch. Added Vanderpump Rules to Tivo. Lots of pretty women.

Macaroni and hot dog slices for lunch. Not real macaroni, though, it turns out to be twisty macaroni pasta. Close enough.

Dumped the laundry room box in the livingroom, put some things away, need to mount hooks for others. Box is flattened and put away. Found places to hang calendars. Lots of kibble and safety matches dumped in the garbage. Mason  jars added to Goodwill pile.

Mailbox run, a package with a weeder tool, and a letter from Nissan with a 3-month Sirius subscription - thanks for bringing my car into the dealer. Set that up. It ought to enable the car's remote connection. 

Streamed for more than an hour, lively chat with several regulars. Had the transporter room backdrop up. It took a lot of maneuvering - needed to be closer to me than expected. 

Plans for tomorrow:
sleep in
Watch some Tivo