April 24th, 2020


Friday and catching up

No entry yesterday because I was fading after the NFL draft, which lasted longer than I expected. And that was pretty much all I watched. On Twitch, daily drive home, and I streamed for an hour with a lot of chatters.

Today, no bananas so I had mixed fresh fruit and an HB egg.

No storm chasers were successfully streaming, a couple were trying but no signal. Daily drive home was good as usual.

NFL Live was funny, watching the morning before the draft predictions and then the next day's after-one-draft-day program.

Very warm, 101° in the front yard, 88 official at the airport.

Delivered was the kickstand, bike seat, water bottle (but not the holder), vitamin D was in with the kickstand and Vitamin C was with the seat. Amazon WTF. Three separate boxes.

Emailed the cardiology clinic from Outlook, but it bounced. So I tried sending a message via their web page to my doctor of choice, but no answer.

Called the garbage company, they said I should just leave the boxes at the curb by 6 am on large pickup day, which is every other Monday, starting the weekend after this coming one. Have to do it myself, they are not allowed on customer property. So this weekend I'll just do the bins, then May 3rd (Sunday) I'll get the dolly out in the evening and roll out as many as I can. They said they can also take the computer hutch, if I can figure out how to get it to the curb, but that will be another time.

I streamed at 7:30, there were four chatters but they all bailed after half an hour. Vegas_penguin was on so I joined his chat. 

I started watching the draft at about 5, it was in the background a lot. But it gets old. More tomorrow, 9 am start.

For lunch I heated up the leftover Alfredo from last night along with the rice pilaf and the remainder of a can of creamed corn. Dinner was the crab Alfredo which was the second meal from Red lobster, but only half, and I heated it up too long. Will have the second half tomorrow night. Forgot the half a super-rich chocolate cake was in the fridge, had ice cream instead. Snacked on a couple of biscuits. Yummy.

With the DoorDash receipt was a note from Red lobster suggesting it's better to order directly from them, so I downloaded their app. I love the biscuits, and they have more-affordable meals than what I ordered this time.

In other news, Spook completely surprised me by climbing up on the recliner foot rest and begging me to brush and pet her. For about 15 minutes. Twice. She doesn't want to get on my lap, but this is a major step forward.  The new toy continues to find new places to get stuck.

Emptied & flattened the last box in the livingroom. Mostly emptied the last box in the bedroom - further digging showed it was stuff from the night table.

Plans for tomorrow:
Half-listen to the draft
Play the piano
Watch storm chasers - there should be some
Empty and flatten the box in the bedroom.  
Maybe make some progress in the guest room
Maybe install the kickstand and bike seat