May 15th, 2020



Up and at 'em at 7:30. Banana and egg. Hungry again by 10.

Electrician showed up around 10:20. Pretty good for a 10-12 window. He took the time he needed to check out the electrical panel, work with me on how close the charger box had to be (the cable was shorter than expected). He left for an hour to get materials - conduit, junction boxes, wire & tools. He did a professional, thorough job, and was done by 1:30. It cost about $100 more than I was hoping for, but less than the worst case estimate.

It took way to long to pair the box with the phone app, which is very poorly designed. After two FAILs, it told me the box can only pair for 2 minutes after power is cycled, so I had to pry open the electrical panel and flip the breakers off and on. Twice, because the first time I did not leave it off long enough. Once it was paired it worked fine.

Just also got it to work with Alexa. Google Home is not working.
Took a SodaStream break. Carbonated 8 liter bottles. Changed the charger after the first two barely bubbled.

Youngest sister sent a picture of the display in her Chevy Bolt which shows the amount of KwH the car is using during the drive. I walked through all the Nissan Leaf displays, they don't have one like that. There is something somewhat like it on the shift display. And there are three battery status displays.

Indoors, all my favorite streamers were online. At the same time. Saw three fish caught, one in LV and two in UT. Watched the daily drive home. RPCV Zoom meeting after that. Fun as usual.
No time for lunch but nibbled on a lot of things. Trail mix has a way of getting under my shirt.

The fishing inspired me to bake some beer battered fillets after making my usual salad. Out of salad bowls, need to run the dishwasher tomorrow.

Tivo time - TMZ, Summer House was a "cutting room floor" episode. Someone needs to end Carl. Seriously. Still have Andy Cohen, NFL Live and Masked Singer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sister wants me to call at about 1:30
Morning drive to Henderson Bird Viewing Park with my Nikon
Masked singer