May 16th, 2020


For the birds - FAIL

I have to stop with the morning tablet addiction. I was in bed with that temptress till almost noon when I had someplace I wanted to be at 10. 

Adding injury to insult, what prompted me to put it down was  "boo" from my phone which meant an incoming text message. From the park management that they were wrong that the water line repair on the other side of the park would only affect three or four houses. They had to shut it off to the whole park after the repair was done and re-pressurize the whole system. So no tooth brushing, no shower and no flushing.

Did my usual stuff online, 1:30 called youngest sister as arranged, talked for almost 2 hours.

Hopped in the car and headed for the Henderson Bird Viewing park, which on the map looked easy - just make a left out of the gate, and another left on Galleria (the mall is to the right) and then a left into the park. On Galleria there were little blue signs pointing to the park. And then they stopped, but there was no sign to turn. I made a U-turn but could not find the place so I punched the address into my GPS and it could not find the exact address so it gave me a spot on the map which was its best guess. I told it to go there and 4 miles later I was in the mall parking lot. Parked and used the Google connect feature which found the park, and took me back most of the way I'd come, and this time tried to send me to the animal shelter which the park is behind, but a blue sign pointed me in the right direction, long and winding road, only to find this:

Virus closure? No, off to the left the posted hours were from 7 am to 2 pm.   I may try again tomorrow.

Told GPS to take me home, and it was a much shorter trip - turns out I should have made a left on Boulder Highway, then Galleria. I can do this without the GPS now, I think.

On the plus side, I remembered to put my good Nikon zoom on the camera and bring the frozen water bottle.

Home, loaded and ran the dishwasher. On the way out today I stopped by the mailbox and an Amazon order of adhesive picture hooks was there, so I grabbed the stepladder and hung all of my Thai temple rubbings on either side of the bay windows, as planned.

The 7th one was placed on the side wall. I also hung the whiteboard (again) in the front room, we'll see if it stays up. It needs more padded double-sided tape, but I have plenty.

Delivered to my front door by USPS was the new keyboard. He even rang the bell! It's USB chargeable, so I charged it up, but won't put it to use until the matching mouse arrives. They both use a "unifying" adapter - one adapter works both the items. Right now I have a proprietary (and out of production) Microsoft keyboard and mouse which use a single USB transceiver which is the size of a mouse. The unify USB is about an inch square, maybe less. I am giving up the Thai keys, but it's easier to use the on screen keyboard in Google Translate and cut and paste than to find 72 characters on the dual language keyboard. And I also am giving up the separate buttons for audio control and sleep mode, in  exchange for a function shift key and those buttons on function keys. And I get back-lit keys, so I won't need the glaring office lights during the day.

Mostly I am hoping it will decrease my typos and also skipped characters which I press but did not get transmitted. We'll see.

Today has been a bad day for friends not checking their memes on FB. One guy lamented the lack of coverage of the 29th anniversary today of the start of Desert Storm. The original post was from a month ago. Desert Storm was January 17. It did not get much coverage on account of it was also the start of the impeachment trial, but 29th anniversaries are rarely a news item. It was covered well on its 25th, and probably will be next year on its 30th.

And so on.

Another 1 am posting. I need to time shift.

To put up the pictures I had to pull Spook's tube platform out from the wall, and the next time I looked she was on top of it. I think I'll leave it there. Plenty of room for it.

Dinner was salad then beef pot pie, this time 8 minutes in the microwave not 10, came out great but the plates were singed, all 3 of them. Never had that happen in CA. Maybe I'm using different paper plates?

Andy Cohen was pretty good, two hot women. TMZ did not have the skip functioning. I need to restart Tivo when I'm off of here. Couldn't do it earlier while things were recording.

Masked Singer  was a shock. Two shocks - first they did not kick the frog to the curb. I think he may win. If he does it'll be a crime because he can't sing. Second, the Rhino turned out to be Bay Area pitching phenom Barry Zito. He looks a lot more handsome in person. Good voice, he lost because his song choice was lame.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up and showered and dressed and out the door by 11.
With the Nikon and the frozen water bottle
Gather stuff to set out on the curb Sunday night
Maybe ride the bike?