May 19th, 2020


The Garbage Miracle, and sibling chats

Woke up at 7:30, looked out the front window and there was no trace of the huge haul of garbage I'd put on the curb the night before. I guess they really do start at 6am.

Back to the bathroom, did my usual morning routine. Wheeled the bins out the the curb when I saw my neighbors' bins were untouched. The bin collecting trucks didn't finish up till 3 pm. I waite a few hours to bring the bins n since 3 pm is the hottest time of the day.

Email and phone calls from younger sisters telling me to call older sister. Found her number and set up WhatsApp but had to wait because it was the middle of the night in Israel.

Not much on twitch. Daly drive home did not happen because he got flooded in and never made it to work.

Tivo had 90 Day Fiancé, and they wrapped up some of the stories. Ed figured out that Rose is gone, and he blew it. Lana met David and says he looks better in person, but her body language was stiff and it's clear she just wants his $$, and maybe a visa. Varya made a surprise visit to Knoxville, hoping to win Geof back, but when she knocked on the door his new girlfriend was there. We get to see the fireworks from that next week. Ash will not be getting a K-1 visa. Avery is trying hard to not lose his fabulous body, but it's clear he lied about being able to bring his son with him. Usman continues to make up with Lisa no matter how rude and controlling she gets. He doesn't get it that he could score a Nigerian Muslim American woman if he tried. Tom has forgotten Darcy, and is on his way to hook up with the woman he cheated on her with. All through this adventure Darcy and her twin sister were almost inseparable, but now the twin is missing and Darcy's two daughters are playing with makeup with her. They are both well endowed, but I don't think they are artificially inflated like their mom is.

Lunch was Salisbury steak microwave meal and dinner was spaghetti & meatballs Banquet Mega meal.

I streamed for half an hour, then joined the BASFA zoom meeting. It was well attended.

NFL Live is all about reopening football. It could happen. There was no Dak Prescot report. Yay.

TMZ I paused in the middle because it was time to call Israeli sister. 10 am her time, no answer so I sent a text. She called back in half an hour, we talked for more than an hour, video chat. Her eldest son was there.

It's now way late and I need to take pills and shoot up and get some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am 90th birthday zoom party
Maybe re-stock the DVD rack