May 21st, 2020


Three birds instead of 2, major $$

A rare morning posting because I'll forget

Plumber came by at about 8:30. Once again a dispatcher FAILed to give my very simple directions so it took him 10 minutes instead of 3 to get to the house from the front gate. At least they gave him the gate code.

Long story short, in order to install the kind of sink I want, he needs to re-pipe the whole shebang. They have a coupon special for the disposal.

Showed him the toilet, he agreed that the problem was the toilet itself, and maybe some calcification in the pipes. He used his big snake to clear the clog. But the main thing is the house came with water saver toilets. So in addition to the sink and disposal, he'll be putting in an ADA-compliant, high volume throne. It's looking like close to $2k. All day project, he needs to get a sink & toilet and will be back Sunday.

Not much to add

The rest of the day was a rest of a day, pretty much. An episode of Andy Cohen with Daniel Radcliff, TMZ, and a lot of time on the PC with storm chasers seeing lots of lightning and driving through hail-sized hail.

Put the Microsoft kbd & mouse back and ordered a used all-English kbd on eBay. These days a "multimedia kbd" means it has a touch pad (which I hatehatehate) and are meant to be used with a smart TV. Used to mean there was a row of buttons above the function keys for volume, FF, REW, pause, mute.

Lean cuisine lasagna for lunch and spaghetti & meatballs for dinner. Strawberries in whipped cream.

Spook yelled at me when I sat down to start the RPCV Zoom meeting. I have no idea what she wanted. She came over to the PC and rubbed against my leg and then sat under the desk looking up at me. I gave her treats and wet food, nope. I tried to play with her fishing pole toy. No interest.

Nova had a fascinating special on eagles.

Walmart says the new meds will cost $350. Gag. Medicare has this crock called Gap Coverage. It's basically a $5k deductible. Your meds cost a large % of list price until you reach that amount, then  they are dirt cheap. Three months of regular insulin is $1300. I'm gonna smack the next person who says they want Medicare For All. I want Congressional Care for All.

Delivered was another 3 motion sensor closet lights. Put one up in the dark cat food area but it won't turn on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Birkenstocks are due in
Maybe Walmart for that cashectomy med pickup. And I need salad greens.