May 29th, 2020


Aside from That, How was your day, Minneapolis?

Before I got to sleep Spook jumped on the bed, then off it, and walked into the bathroom and became Shower Cat.

A little late getting started this morning. Hgl was reasonable. Weight was up 2 lbs. Ran the dryer while it was still only 85 outside.

Finished the last 2 Ho Hos, put the other box in the fridge.

USPS note that the webcam from eBay was in my mailbox, so I disconnected the one from Amazon, wrapped it up, printed a return label and drove to the PO because Amazon is now using USPS instead of UPS for returns. PIA because the post office labels come out off center, and you have to photoshop them to the right size and angle. UPS labels take up exactly half a page, and I have label blanks designed for that. And the PO is a couple of miles past the UPS store.

Dashboard readout said 109° the whole trip. The Leaf had no problem air conditioning.

There was a line which I had to cut through to get to the mailbox. Almost everyone was masked.

On the way back, plucked the box from my mailbox. Lazy postman shoved it into the little box instead of putting it in one of the big boxes and leaving me a key. Tore it a little.

Installed the camera after downloading the drivers and app which are much better than the plug and play.

iamreallyimportant had some PA legislator who was ranting in his theater voice about being exposed to the virus by the republicans, who stealth quarantined themselves. He did not get sick, none of his co workers or family got sick, so another monster under the bed panic case. He used a lot of bad words.

Zoom meeting with single RPCVs was fun as usual. I have the hots for Abbi, but she had to go shortly after I came online. Frankly, all but one of the women in that group attracts me. She hogs the conversation too much. But RPCVs are a strong, assertive bunch. You have to be. I feel so bad about the ones who were evacuated from their sites because Congress was scared of the virus. In most cases they were brought home to far more dangerous infection rates.

I bailed at 7:30 to stream. No trolls and some good chat. One guy came on right at the end with a stupid question, could have been a troll, but the stream ended before he had a chance to make trouble.

Watched Below Deck Med, mostly a waste because it was Capt. Sandy's wrap of her 3 seasons. I'd seen them all.

NFL Live led with Dak so I nuked both episodes.

TMZ had some strong words about Trump's rant against Twitter fact-checking him, and the obscenity they call the Minneapolis PD.

I understand racism, and how police departments are a haven for racists. For a change The People™ are burning down the police stations, not their own homes. That ought to make a difference. Prosecutors need to do their jobs. So does the FBI. And juries need to ignore the lawyers and convict with extreme prejudice.

Called the electricians, they had me on file and will send the guy who installed my car charger to fix the kitchen outlets on Monday.

Lunch was three Red Lobster cheese biscuits and Famous Amos. Dinner finished off the second half of the Red Lobster breaded seafood combo. WAY too salty. Won't order that again.

Unloaded the dryer, need to hang up 3 week's of shirts.

Paid off the credit card which I'd used to charge all the home improvements and sister's go-fund-me. I'm going to have to wait for the tax refund before I have the rest of the work done. Unless I want to take it out of savings. My brokerage investments continue to go up, I need to hang onto that for a while for tax reasons.

Plans for tomorrow:
Do something with the stewing beef I bought. Plan A is Thai green curry and assorted Asian veggies in a wok. Plan B is just the meat and Thai green curry in the slow cooker. Add the veggies later. Plan B is more air conditioner friendly.
Drive by the pools and see how big the crowds are on opening day.
Maybe take photos