June 13th, 2020


More Thai food, voter reg, Allstate FAIL, FTL FAIL, Bachelor choice, friend request, Progress

Last things first. Someone on LJ messaged me asking if she could add me as a friend. On LJ all that does is allow me to read any messages she writes which she makes private. My messages here are almost always public, anyone can read them, anyone with an LJ account can comment on them. The person who sent the message claims we have friends in common, but it turns out to only be one friend. Better than none, I guess. Looking at her pages, we have absolutely nothing in common except being old.
NFL Live had Warren Moon on. Yay! Moon was the very popular QB of the UW Huskies a few years after I graduated, led them to a Rose Bowl win, and because he is black was completely ignored by the NFL draft. So he moved to Canada where he won 5 Grey Cups (their Superbowl).  The NFL finally gave him a job, he broke some records in 10 years with the Houston Oilers then 3 years with the Vikings, 2 with the Seahawks (where he should have been drafted lo those many years ago) and finally KC. In the interview he was very clear that racism was the reason he didn't get into the NFL right out of college.
Then they talked to some white coaches who don't get it that they need to step down to a lesser job and bring in black head coaches. I nominate ultra-privileged 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan to do this. Very white son of an NFL head coach, he would make a good offensive coordinator.
Got bored, put the contents of 5 boxes onto book case shelves in the guest room. After pulling the yearbooks and string books from the top of the last very large box, I dumped the rest of the contents on the floor and hauled the empty boxes into the front room. Tomorrow I'll put those books on the shelves (need to re-arrange some items which I parked there temporarily). The bad news is the missing Sonos speaker was not in that last box. Nor the electric screwdriver.

I may also unpack the two small boxes of DVDs and VHS tapes and put them on the rack in the corner. Maybe.
Called the registrar of voters office, they never received my application. I printed out another, and will mail it tomorrow.

Also called Allstate, to see if they can get me better han $217 a month which Met Life is charging me for auto. The best they could do was $285. FAIL.
Streamed for 2 hours, lots of new followers, one troll and three active chatters.

Dinner was meh. Beef satay was excellent but my home made peanut sauce was lame. It just kept getting thicker as I added more water. Weird. The pad si hiew I messed up by adding too much soy sauce, and the noodles didn't reheat well - should have steamed them. Finished my last cold can of Thai tea. Mango and sticky rice was a WIN. I nuked the rice by itself and then added the coconut milk and some sweetened condensed milk and plopped it on the plate next to the cold mango slices.

Delivered today was a packet of 5 4GB USB drives. One of them will get my health file for the doctor visit in 2 weeks.

Ordered a folding table for the office so I have a place to put the plastic drawers of printer stuff now on the floor of the guest room and maybe in one or two of the boxes stacked outside the guest bathroom.

The Fruit of the Loom (FTL - faster tha light) briefs seemed okay but sitting on them the seams dug into my parts and hurt a lot. Took them off and tried on a different brand/style which is kind of like a G string, but it eventually slid off my butt. Need to see if they make a larger size. I have one more pack to try but it's the same brand as the first slip-from-butt model.

 PTI is now on manual record. Yay!

Andy Cohen had on two very white, very blonde Real Housewives. Very sexy.

Managed to lose two rouds of solitaire and mahjong.

The new Bachelor was announced, and of course he's black. His mother is white. They won't tell us anything about his dad. Raised by his single mom. He was a football star in high school and college but washed out trying for the NFL. Hannah Brown is one of his posse. What could possibly go wrong? He has a girlfriend - WTF?

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish stocking the book case
Try out the phone holder
Drop off the voter app at the PO
Change the litterbox
Maybe restock the DVD rack