July 20th, 2020


Monsoon Season

Thunder woke me up at 4 am. I put on a robe and went out the carport and watched some spectacular lightning and heard rain coming down hard, but not much of it. The clouds were very high so the raindrops had a lot of velocity thanks to Newton. By the time I thought to get my phone and stream it, the storm had gone dark.

Back inside, turned on the TV to Channel 5, weather lady had the map up, said it was monsoon season, and played some clips of lighting. Spook was freaked out that I was awake and watching TV, I don't think the thunder bothered her.

Last night she went from stealth shower cat to on my bed grooming herself to disappearing down the hallway.

No storm chasers were out today.

Lasagna for lunch, chicken for dinner. Albertson's fried chicken is 50% salt. Salad first, though.

Delivered were the can caps, so the olives and garbanzos are now covered, and should stay moist. Delivered late was a box of 200 paper straws, but they are too small/short.

They were in the same box as the new mic and arm kit.

Once again, Amazon did not ring the bell.

Did not sort photos today. Instead I ran batch routines against a series of photo collection in the PC which I'd grabbed online over many years and want to use some for my background image on the PC. Which means only the landscape format ones will work. Photoshop has a way to tell if a photo is landscape or portrait, and I was able to dump just the landscape ones into a folder. There were a lot. The final count of landscapes was 995. There may be a few, but not many, duplicates.

Amazon, set up to return wi-fi light bulbs, cassette player and gooseneck phone holder. I threw away one of the light bulb boxes so I can only return 2 sets.

Watched 90 Day Fiance, but it was mostly spoiled by the teasers. There's a spinoff recording right now, will watch tomorrow.

Finished the watermelon and the pistachio almond ice cream.

Streamed for an hour, chatters said the new mic is a winner.

Did some research and found the toilet I had in Sunnyvale. They changed to model name from Titan to Champion. The one I just had installed is not working out. My parts hit the bowl.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the shelter about the sealpoint Siamese they listed
UPS, return the 3 items
Walmart -prescriptions and minimal groceries and they may have a cassette player
Home Depot - talk to them about replacing the $99 toilet with a good ($350) one.