August 21st, 2020


Catching up Thurs-Fri

Was too tired last night to post anything. Headaches all day, car wasn't ready yet, temps never got below 85 inside. The only memorable things was a ton of snacks to open and the DNC, which featured Joe, who gave a surprisingly animated talk. Mayor Pete and Michael Yang showed why they should never be allowed to hold public office, The [dixie] Chicks did some beautiful harmonies with the anthem, Mayor Bottoms wore African trade beads and African colors and spoke well. They showed Tammy Duckworth standing on her bionic legs, John Legend's beautiful song was capped on by Common's rapping.

There was an uncalled for number of references to god.

Watched an episode of Catfish plague edition. It works well. Very O'Henry ending. Clueless married man was being catfished by his sister.

RPCV zoom meeting. My heart throb was there. People guessed my age was 50.

Heidi came into the bedroom and played mountain goat on my night stand. Spook stalked her into the bathroom, where she stayed all night. She pooped on the shower rug. Not much, easy to clean off
Many pit stops during the night, up with the alarm at 8, out the door by 8:45 to get the mail. A prescription had been baking in there.

I forgot again to call CVS about my transfers.

No call from the dentist. I'll call them tomorrow. Need to get this filling fixed.

Left a where's my car message at 1 pm, body shop called a little later and said come and get it. So I drove the rental back to Enterprise and got their shuttle to the shop. The repairs look great, and they did not charge me for replacing a part the estimate had not included because they thought they could make it right without it. They saved my CA commuter stickers which I no longer need.

Home, relocated all the snacks to more intelligent places. Snacked on too many cookies and pringles. And goldfish. 

For lunch a cup of noodles and some bacon.

Streamed at 7:30, bailed in half an hour. Ate a salad, streamed for another half hour this time there were chatters. Pizza hovel pizza from the freezer, only made it through 1.5 pieces. Two chocolate ice cream objects - one too many.

Visited Heidi, left her door open. Spook parked herself on the rug on the other side of the door and Heidi moved parallel to her under the piano stand. Minimal hissing. Some meowing at me. 

Got a call from a Pfizer Covid vaccine trial. I'm qualified, the clinic will call to ask more questions. They are in downtown LV, about 10 miles north.

AQI has been high and I am feeling it. Ordered an air purifier.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Call CVS
Maybe drive to Boulder City to test the battery