October 24th, 2020


Cat swap FAIL, blue pill MEH - hard crash.

Out of bed at 10, Heidi was there. Spook came in and hissing ensued from Heidi, but Spook withdrew.

Still playing time zone tag with scammer in Spain.

Did the cat swap. Shut Spook in Heidi's room and carried Heidi to the tree in the livingroom,  but Heidi zoomed right back down the hall and parked in front of her door. After an hour I gave up.

Pizzeria chicken wings for lunch. Not breaded. Over-baked. Reheated pizza for dinner. Meh.

Channel surfed between 5 college football games. Wore me out.

Gold Rush keeps harping on low fuel prices and high gold prices. And the late start because the American miners didn't get it that they are essential workers.

90 Day The Other Way teaser. Old lady has sex with still married young Indian man. Wife files charges. Old lady is way too eager. C-section in Ethiopia was chaos, mom is wiped out, and dad doesn't get it that one doesn't slaughter a sheep in front of a woman who just gave birth. She's Jewish, but not very because if she was she would have got the reference.

Took 3 generic versions of the blue pill as directed at 4 pm, got undressed and in bed, but crashed hard. Woke up at 6:30. Heidi was back in my room.

Streamed for 90 minutes. sporadic chatting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Increase the water tank temp (it is way too low)
Break down the boxes
Take out the garbage