November 26th, 2020


A lot of Humana FAIL

First thing after checking my Hgl, I drove to Walmart. On the way the PCP's nurse called to check whether there was any issue with the prescription.

Humana lied about all my diabetes meds and supplies being free. Three items which should have been free cost me $112. I called Humana about that, the rep just made excuses, ignored what coverage plan I was under. And that I had it in writing.

Home, called nurse back after taking my meds.

Sent reminder email to denture clinic that they had promised to give me an estimate Monday. Got a call from them, they pointed out my Humana only covered 2 cleanings a year, not dentures, and said there is a free denture plan which covers 50%, I should call. Called Humana, no free plan, they only cover 30% and it's $50 a month - which is more than the 30% would be. Called dental clinic left a message that I will need to save up for it. I don't really, but it's what they get for Bad Advice.

And one other drug which Walmart was supposed to have ready is being blocked by Humana. WTF?
Filled a cat food bowl with the wet food Sandi donated, and also put out a water dish and waited for cats to show up. Put a chair on the back deck, grabbed my camera and was eventually rewarded. Possible calendar pix.



The full set is here (click)

I filled the bowl a second time, these guys don't walk away when they are full.

Watched Travel Channel's inane UFOs in Alaska special in which they claim there is a joint US-Alien military base deep inside Mt. Hayes.

And also three episodes of Hot Bench, two more left to watch. Also started recording Beyond Oak Island. It's a testament to how much $$ a TV exec will waste.

Roasted the duck, stuffed with oranges and onions. Found an interesting L'Orange recipe which called for:
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (I used seeds)
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 juice orange, halved
4 fresh thyme sprigs (I used ground)
4 fresh marjoram sprigs (I used ground)
1 small onion, cut into 8 wedges
1/2 cup dry white wine (Rosé)
1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth
And I added some Thai lime leaves

The duck came with a packet of orange sauce, but tasted fine without. 30 minutes at 475° then an hour at 350° - thermometer said it was done but dismembering said no, so another 30 minutes at 350. It still needs more.

Dinner was my usual salad, the duck, creamed corn and mint chip ice cream with chocolate whipped cream.

Streamed for an hour, good conversations.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up with the alarm
Miki is bringing Ma'am over at 11
Spend Quality Time with both of them
Feed the strays


Ma'am & Miki, duck redux

It's been a good day. Spook showed up in bed late, like 8:30 am. She played with mirror cat a little. She was shower cat for a bit. Definitely acting strange.

Miki brought Ma'am over a little after 11. The cat explored the room, Miki and I had a good friendly chat, I told her come over any time, just text or call first to make sure I'm home. Pictures were taken.

Ma'am is a sweetheart, a little shy but two more visits to her room she got more comfortable.

And she hopped up on the piano chair. I wish I'd had the piano turned on...

Before they arrived and after they left I went through all my 2020 photos and found plenty of good ones to make a calendar from. I do still need to get out to the lake.

Watched football, Spook camped out on the sheepskin rug in front of the TV and appeared to be watching too. Or sleeping.

RPCV Zoom meeting for half an hour - only 3 others attended.

Streamed for an hour, good chats.

Salad, then creamed corn, then carved some of the duck and heated it up. Mint chip ice cream. Lunch was a FAIL - bad spreadable Alouette cheese on pretty good crackers.

Watched an Oak Island spinoff which was as phony as the main show.

Plans for tomorrow:
Masked Singer
I Can See Your Voice
Quality time with Ma'am
Feed the strays. Maybe more photos of the pretty one