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Up at 3, pit stop, then up with the alarm at 8 - came as a surprise. Took 15 minutes to get going.

Wore one of the new Aloha shirts, which says it is 100% cotton, but this is not the coarse material which my other cotton aloha shirts are made of. It feels almost like silk. I am impressed. 2XL fits well, the only thing con is the pocket is higher than I like.

The Samsung S9 is a little wacky, it is so fast that it opens apps before I even know I touched them. It is so much faster than the Pixel 2. A lot smaller, which I like for carrying but not for using. The camera app keeps switching itself to selfie mode.

Google Assistant doesn't know how to talk to my SmartThings from the phone but it works great on the two home devices. Will have to research that.

Made an omelet for breakfast - eggbeaters, Swiss and American cheese, wanted to add mushrooms but they were spoiled. Added chopped walnuts instead.  

I streamed my drive to and from the Toastmasters meeting. Got there 15 minutes early and they had just started setting up. The hall is nice & large and well lit. They arranged chairs in a split horseshoe, four deep. No tables, which is odd because they expected everyone to fill in detailed grading sheets for each of the speakers. There were two events (special meeting) which members from other groups came to compete in. Table Topic, in which the speaker is given the topic right before they speak. They keep the competitors outside until it is their turn to speak, so no help from the previous speakers. Next was humorous speeches. 

Every speaker used the whole floor between the lectern and the audience,  which did not work for me. It's a speech, not a stage play - use the podium.

None of the speakers knew how to project, and all but one had serious accents. Three could not pronounce a W. Only one had good articulation but had I been in the back row it would not have helped.

I need to look into hearing aids. It's obvious that I'm not understanding nearly as much as the rest of the audience did.

Next stop, Lowe's. The 0.75 3 foot bags of Miracle Grow were on sale for $2.50 each, the 23 foot bags were $9 each. Did the math, two big bags = 5.333333 small bags. Two big bags = $18, 5 small bags = $12.50.  Brainer. If I didn't need a calculator it woud have been a no-brainer. Bought 5 because I didn't think I needed 4 cubic feet.

At Lowe's I was having a low Hgl event, bought a can of starbucks energy drink and drank it in the store. Chomped a few glucose tablets as well.

Home, dug up the bird of paradise, which had more roots into the clay than I expected, but they came out whole. Dug up the yarrow, and two plants with separate root balls came out. I have no idea what the second plant is. Poured 4 bags of soil over the strip where the plants had been, and replanted them all a couple of feet apart. Poured the 5th bag over the front of the garden where some pretty flowering ground cover wants to crawl to but didn't have good soil.

Watered all the porch plants, the roses and the new soil.

 After gardening I drove to Grocery Outlet for strawberries, grapes bananas and things one should not shop for when hungry. Which I was. Very.

As a result, consumed a small baklava piece and a dark chocolate covered tangerine slice. And dinner was bacon and baked beans, with mochi for dessert.

Watched enough of the 49ers on Tivo to know it wasn't going to be worth watching the rest.

Delivered was a small package with car primer spray paint, which I brought to #9 where it was addressed to.

Delivered much later was a pair of cookie sheets. The pair I have been using were not non-stick after all. They fit into the kitchen garbage.

Verizon sent a text that I was down to 500Mb of data. Yesterday they said I had 3GB. Since I plan on doing a lot of streaming the rest of the month I changed my plan to unlimited data for less than twice the price. I can change back any time.

Watched enough of the KC game to be disgusted with the booth guys having orgasms about the QB's magnificent playing. Even when it wasn't. It's TV, not radio. You can shut up between plays.

Watched 2 episodes of Nova, parts 1 and 2 about active volcanoes in Africa. There apparently are a lot of them, but few have been studied because all those countries are run by militia and similarly scary armed people.

The cats are not enjoying their diet. Spot especially. Spook knows how to ask for treats. Spot knows how to intimidate Spook.

Plans for tomorrow:
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