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Nailed It

Early morning, was about to stream when AG called, with some updates on his job dilemma. He had contacted our former boss, one of the best managers I ever had, and got the same advice I had been giving him: Take the higher salary and lower stock offering and the $10k signing bonus to be The AG at a small but publicly held company closer to where he lives.

AG's dilemma is he recently won an appeal against his micromanager, and has some sense of loyalty to the Big Company for that. And in 1.5 years, if he stays and doesn't get fired, about $200k in stock will vest.

HR found him another team to work with, but he has to go through an interview process. He says he already was interviewed by the manager, who feels a lot like his micromanager, and this guy wants a team member to do a technical interview. To me this sounds phony. He has been working there for more than 2 years, his skills should not be in question.

As usual, that took the whole commute time.
Just as I had finally gotten the Norway box updated and was regressing the bugs, Boss bursts in and wants me to update the soundbar and let her know ASAP if the update solved the buzzing problem.

So I hooked the beast back up, ran the in-house very easy to do update, set up for the automated manual tests, and just as I was about to start, Tall manager comes in with 3 Chinese engineers from the company which makes the processor chip and firmware for the soundbar, just to introduce me to them. I told them I was just about to re-run the first test, did they want to watch? Of course they did. And of course it buzzed and did some other nasty things. That was enough for them.

After they left I tried three other tests which had slightly different bugs filed against them, and they all failed.

Emailed Boss that the soundbar was not ready for prime time,  filed bugs, added a video or two.

But I was kind of stuck, because usually Boss or Tall guy or bozomanager would want me to beat up the device more. But no, nothing to do for the rest of the day but wait.

Lunch was a Grocery Outlet grab and go chef's salad. Okay, but not as good as the Safeway one. I'll try the Cobb tomorrow.

Strawberries, of course. And grapes later.

Only one storm chaser online today, he gave me some more hints about streaming.
The chat which accompanies his stream is fun, a lot like IRC chat used to be.

Also tuned into the metal detector guy, but just caught the last few minutes, as the sun was going down.

Plugged the car in at 5, claimed it at 5:30. Streamed my short drive to the nail place. Got my nails done - she was in a big hurry for some reason. We started 10 minutes late and they had two customers booked right after me. That must have been it. Attractive woman sitting next to me was too Mondayed to chat.

Safeway, bought more grab and go salads, egg nog, and since it was on sale for <$5, a rack o pork back ribs. Hormel. And a couple of other meat-like products. The line was long, 20 minutes. The self-check line was longer.

Home via 101, it was 7:45, late enough for traffic to be mostly sane.

Delivered was a box with two 100-count boxes of Bausch & Lomb eyeglass wipes and an envelope with a case for the new phone, which turned out to be a piece of junk. Found a better one online later.

The cats are not enjoying the empty food bowl. I will probably reprogram the feeder to either add a feeding or double one of the two feedings.

Watched PTI and Shark Tank. The sharks only had one worthy product, and it was super. Three children whose mom died of cancer, and then their firefighter dad did too, after he invented a really high quality cutting board. All 5 sharks got together and made a deal. The kids are alright.

Dinner was the ribs, which were disappointing. Not much meat, and not falling off the bone. Corn on the cob, and then chocolate chunk ice cream.

Samsung updated 3 times, but I don't see anything new in the About section. Hmmm.

Played with Spot with the feather wand for a while because he has been hyper.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - Norway box, I hope
CHM - member reception & talk

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