January 4th, 2021


Light; too much food; BASFA; streaming; ChowKing FAIL

Up at 6, Spook was with me most of the night. Up again at 7. Dressed, electrician texted at 8:15 they were on their way. He called at 9, would be here in 15 minutes. Not here an hour later. Phoned him, he was at Home Depot trying to pick a lamp for me. I thought we had that settled with the dispatcher last week. Sent him a photo of what I had and what changes I needed. He got here around 10:30, replaced the lamp in about 20 minutes. $300 - I'll have to call them about that. Should have been $150 + the lamp, and the lamp couldn't have been that much.

Apple & egg for breakfast. Out of Bananas. Read the news, watched streamers, watched some pillow talk. There was a teaser for Discovery + streaming. No thanks. need to call Cox and get rid of the sports packages and maybe add BBC America. Maybe. None of the packages they offer me online works for me.

Watched the former Vegas Penguin's stream. He left LV to be a long distance trucker. Today he was someplace it snowed a little. Also watched a bit of a political streamer on a bus with Trump supporters in GA heading for a rally with the orange showman.  Brave man. Bernie supporter.

Brought in the garbage bins. Ordered some dim sum from ChowKing. DoorDash driver didn't follow directions, came from the wrong direction 10 minutes later than he should have.

ChowKing mostly a FAIL: Thai iced tea was not Thai tea - very harsh and it had pearls in it. Yuk. Sesame balls are the size of Swedish meatballs, and soggy - should the size of tennis balls and crispy. The Bao look good. Lumpia also way small. Siu Mai was okay. Beef wonton soup had 3 tiny won tons, and you had to heat up the broth separately and pour it into the other tub of ingredients. Crispy chicken to be tested tomorrow.

Put out 2 cans of cat food for the strays, Ma'am was jealous so I put out 2 Sheba servings for her & Spook. She ate most of it. Strays left half a can's worth.

Picked up the mail, some interesting things from Humana.

BASFA zoom meeting went well, reminded me there were 3 people I normally handed calendars to who were not on my address list. Fixed that via FB Messenger. Those are ready to be mailed tomorrow. I may make a banana run on the way back from the PO. I may get my nails done too.

Streamed for 45 minutes, no chatters, just a few lurkers.

Plans for tomorrow:
The Bachelor first episode. I hear he starts with a Jesus prayer. I may not watch the series.
Nails (?)