January 7th, 2021


The day after

The usual breakfast. The unusual aftermath.
Two pretzel dogs for lunch, two more plus salad and beans for dinner.
Lots of politics in between. Some online, some on TV.
Wasted an hour on the phone with Cox tech support which was unable to enable the exta channel package I paid for yesterday. No signal on BBC America. I should cancel that package, I got it wanting Dr. Who, but it seems there are no upcoming episodes.

Two cats came out from under the house this morning. Two raccoons came out tonight. Need to call Animal Control

Delivered today was a new replacement cover for that panel, and later tonight a cat door which can be set to exit-only.

Also delivered was laundry pods, alcohol swabs, Pina Colada mix, hummingbird vitamins.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cancel the "variety pak"
Call Animal control
Take a drive - maybe wetlands park