January 9th, 2021


Circadian rhythm band

Up at 5 am. Stuffed nose, felt like something stuck in my throat. Put on a robe & slippers and dentures, Hgl was 176. made some mint tea and watched two episodes of Hot Bench.

Back to bed, Spook was still there. Really nice to be able to pet her while I fall back asleep.

Up for reals around 9.

Put food out for the strays

Put a can of 9 Lives out for my cats, who were not thrilled with it. I may have to buy more Sheba.

Three deliveries: Big refill jugs of antibiotic hand soap, 8 oz no-drip hummingbird feeders, litterbox cartridges.

Changed the litterbox

Filled the feeders with 4:1 water:sugar with a few drops of non-toxic red food coloring and 3 drops of hummingbird vitamins.

Refilled the kitchen soap dispenser

Hung the feeders outside

Watched a lot of streamers, both political and not. Watched some MSNBC.

Lots of clouds but no chance of rain. High barometric pressure, low humidity

Called electrician, got a $50 refund. They had quoted me $150 plus the price of the sconce (which was $20 on Home Depot). Manager claimed it should have been $275. No way would I have agreed to that for a simple job.

Online, Cox, removed the "variety pak" which turned out to be a waste. $12/month lower cost

Called Animal Control, they will send someone with a raccoon trap and instructions tomorrow.

Two raccoons caught on video at about 10:30 pm. Stray cats came out from under the house in the late morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take it easy
Wait for Animal Control


Animal Control officer showed up at 8 am. Luckily I was up and showered and dressed by then - just barely.

He brought a humane trap, which looked kind of small for a raccoon, but he said it was good for them as well as cats. He showed me how to use it, and I set it up by the access hole, about half a cup of Purina One kibble in a small ceramic container for bait.

I also put out wet food in a larger ceramic bowl, by the back steps. Two cats came by, sniffed at it and went away.

Around 10 am one of those cats went for the kibble in the trap and got caught. It kept slamming against the front and back walls of the cage,, making it a challenge to open the door in back, which has a latch designed by someone who knows nothing about convenience.

So the trap works. I swept the spilled kibble back into the container, closed it up and sat on the chair on the top of the steps and enjoyed the nice day and my Vegas Golden Knights stadium jacket. It was chilly. Bees found the new feeder, but so did one hummer. It's not nearly as bee-friendly as the previous one, and it doesn't drip. A very elderly couple came to see the house next door. They seriously need a ramp, the steps were not kind to them. She has a dog half the size of Spook.

Inside, watched Gold Rush, 90 Day Fiancé and Hot Bench.

OTR-Penguin was out trucking live on Twitch but nobody else was out and about.

At about 7, the motion sensor for the carport tripped, and I saw a raccoon nosing around the trap. I went outside and set the trap. Half an hour later he was able to go inside and get a bit of kibble 3 times before he finally stepped on the release, and is now in the trap. I'll call Animal Control in the morning to get him, and bring another trap for tomorrow night.

Delivered by USPS was a box with 2 unrelated Amazon purchases. Cola syrup which was ordered December 25th and was supposed to be delivered in 2 days, and beef jerky which is part of my subscriptions, not supposed to be here till January 13. All of those subscription items have already been delivered. Kind of a PIA because I don't have room for all of them till I finish last month's.

I didn't watch much news, just read AP, BBC and the local stations' web sites. And US News, which I'm not thrilled with. It looks like the rounding up of the hooligans is slowly taking place. Total Capitol Police FAIL. They should have shoved them all into paddy wagons on the way out of the building. Like they did for BLM peaceful protesters.

Lunch was shrimp egg rolls.

I streamed for 20 minutes, one chatter.

Watched the end of the Seahawks loss. They did not play well.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Animal Control
Hopefully trap another raccoon
Watch Twitch streamers
There may be football to watch, but maybe not.
Enjoy the nice weather