January 10th, 2021


Briefly, for no apparent reason

Cats fought in the bedroom as I was trying to go to bed. As usual, Ma'am under the bed making noise, Spook poised to ambush.

Up an hour early. Decided to do the morning stuff, get dressed, check to see if the raccoon was still in the trap (it was) and call Animal Control. An officer showed up a couple of hours later while I was in the bathroom so I missed seeing how she got the critter out of the trap and into a carrier and into her truck.

Raccoon left a mess, sprayed all over the place.

No cats or birds visited today. Took the food in at dark and wrapped it. May or may not put it out tomorrow.

Walked to the mailboxes for the 1st time ever.

After dark I hosed down the area the trap was in, then put it back and reset it. So far no sign of raccoons tonight.

Next door neighbor came to get some stuff out of the house, word is there may be an offer tomorrow. I hope so.

Across the street neighbor came to chat with her, so we had a nice talk for maybe an hour. Now I know his name. :-)

Lunch was grilled cheese but baked instead of grilled. Half a sandwich left over, in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

Low Hgl at dinner time so dinner was chip mint ice cream, whipped cream and malted milk.

Streamed for  45 min (started late because of YouTube rabbit hole)

Set Tivo to record the impeachment session.

Have to take out the garbage

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the trap. Release any cats, or call AC to collect any raccoons
Call PCP - where's my prescriptions? Where's my Urology referral?