January 12th, 2021


raccoon tour

Monday was CSPAN day except Congress punted the good stuff to Tuesday. So I watched The Bachelor which was pretty lame. They are in a cold place in the fall, and every date seems to have a fire pit and a hot tub. And kissing. This guy does not know how to kiss. It looks like he's eating.

Also I don't think he is attractive at all. His body building has left him with no body fat but also not a lot of muscle. It's like he's training to be a jogger.

The women are a mixed bag, many beauties, one beast who styles herself Queen. Her name is Victoria. She is homely, dresses look like they are made from curtains - like in Enchanted. And she's a manipulative bully. So of course the producers will make Matt keep her as long as possible, if not longer.

He likes the tiny ones. Kind of weird because he is treetop tall.

They left it halfway through the rose ceremony, because one of the women passed out. Not an act, I don't think.

Caught another raccoon, called Animal Control after hours and left a message, they called back and offered to pick it up. After the mess the first one made I figured that would be the humane thing to do. Also found that there were TWO more, not just one. Set the trap again but they tricked it by moving the bait to where they would not trip the spring.

Tuesday there was CSPAN again, this time the Repubs did a delaying tactic which forced a 2-hour debate and vote, which they lost. But then 2 more hours to debate the resolution and a vote. Article 25 resolution which they had no business doing. That's for the executive branch, Congress has no say. But they passed it anyway. Even though Pence already told them in writing he was not going to fire Trump.

So tomorrow there should be impeachment starting. Expect lots of delaying from the Repubs.

Don't expect the Senate to take it up.

BASFA meeting went quickly.

Streamed, but only one regular showed up, late.

Gold cat showed up but wouldn't come near the food while I was there, he has other sources. No other cats came by. Hummingbird found the feeder but it's a FAIL, needs perches. So I have replacements coming tomorrow.

Two raccoons so far have not gone into the trap tonight. I added a chicken leg to the kibble, and locked down the kibble dish. We'll see.

Below Deck was another shit show. I still can't tell the stews apart.

Streamed for an hour, one very active chatter.

Plans for humpday:
If a raccoon is caught, call it in otherwise sleep in
Call cardiologist, my pacemaker monitor has an alarm.  I know I'm having afib again, because I ran out of the drug for that thanks to incompetent Humana. And now walmart is out of stock.
Watch some of the impeachment BS

Bone soup

Forgot that I finally made bone soup. Inspired by sister's food blog. I had two beef ribs with meat still on them, and a turkey leg bone in the freezer I'd forgotten about, and also threw in some corned beef which I knew was in the freezer but had forgotten where.

Chopped up some celery, carrots (and wondered why I wasn't using the food processor), sliced up one orange and one yellow bell pepper, quartered an onion, sliced a leftover piece of parsnip. Threw in a basket of sliced mushrooms last. Right after the bag of green peas. Totally forgot the garlic.

Slow cooker set for slow 10 hours, but halfway through the cooker didn't like being on the stove, I had to move it to the counter and start over.

Pre-dinner I had a bowl of it, very good but needs garlic and maybe pepper.

Made 5 quarts, in containers in the fridge. Some will be in the freezer when I find space.