January 15th, 2021


Bait Fail, drug mixup; hummingbird

The raccoon #4 managed to pull all the meat off the chicken leg and leave the bone, without hitting the spring.

Did some research, going back to kibble, but doused with honey. So far (11 pm) no raccoon sighting.
Walgreen's had emailed that my drug was ready, but then my PCP switched it to Walmart, which is out of stock. Drove to Walgreen's, Humana would not approve the sale because Walmart was Bogarting it. Called Walmart, they released it, then Walgreen's sold it to me. I'm done with Walmart (again). Need to call PCP to get everything on Humana auto-refill/delivery. Took the srug when I got home. by dinner time my heart rate was back to normal. It had been up to 125 with a-fib.

Discovered on the PCP site I do have a urology referral, they just failed to tell me for 2 months. Online at the urologist's, filled out a very long new patient form, but I bet I can't call for an appt till Tuesday. 
One stray cat returned and ate this morning's canned food.

Inside, Spook and Ma'am continue to make rude noises at each other and then chill.

Bees don't like the new feeders. Only one hummer - but a new breed - black-chinned:

Breakfast at lunch time.
Dinner salad, mashed & garlic & gravy then 2 biscuits. Finished the butter pecan ice cream.

PTI, and The First 48. Below deck "Galley Talk" fun but horrible editing/production.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on if there's #4 in the trap
Probably just stay home anyway - Saturday, 3-day weekend with MLK Day Monday.
There may be storm chasers. And stuff on Tivo.