January 17th, 2021


Midnight, not a sound from the motion detectors

After breakfast, took Jimmy Durante Blvd to Flamingo Rd, which turns out the be the best way to get to Walgreen's. I was ISO of marshmallows and bananas. But they didn't have any, so I drove back along Boulder Hwy to Albertson's and got some.

Home, put stuff away, then tossed a lot of marshmallows into the trap. I hear the raccoons love them.

Watched Gold Rush, some of the Packers game, injected some Ozempic but used the humalog pen needle. For once I got a full dose.

Injected my usual Humalog dose before lunch, but did not have much appetite.

During the game, Hgl dropped to 54, it took 3 ice cream sandwiches to bring it back up, but I was so drained I fell asleep for an hour in the recliner.

Amazon reported that a package had been delivered, but it wasn't at my house. Turns out USPS shoved it into my mailbox 3 blocks away. Also there was the $39 glasses redone for computer use, but they turned out to not work as well as OTC readers. I may have to go back for a new optometry exam. I think Medicare will pay for one pair.

Also discovered that my urology referral has been sitting there for a month, PCP just did not tell me (I have called them several times asking).

But Monday is MLK day, so I will need to wait till Tuesday to make an appointment, and also need to fix the broken prescription system. And maybe change PCP clinics.

Meanwhile, my latest batch of Lantus insulin was free. I need to get all my meds onto Humana pharmacy delivery to get the freebies.

Spook has been bullying Ma'am a lot today, Ma'am makes weird whining noises at her and hides. Not good.

Streamed for an hour, two lurkers.

9 pm set the trap, but so far no traffic out there.

Plans for tomorrow:
depends on what I trap, if anything.

Major boredom

Raccoon did not show up last night. A few cats returned and ate the food. Video shows one going under the house.

Shark Tank, First 48 on Tivo. Also football, but I just watch the last 2 minutes.

Nothing delivered. Ordered 2 more feeder hangers. Will use the small feeders on the porch side of the house.

Very limited hummer activity - one Anna's and one Black-chinned. Maybe 2 bees.

Photos of some kind of hawk over the wetlands, but it never came toward me so cannot iD. One woodpecker, too small to photograph.

Everything is on hold till Tuesday thanks to MLK Day observed Monday.

Spook was weird today, she spent the night on the bath mat in front of the shower then when I opened the bedroom closet to get a shirt she climbed on a pile of clothing and went to sleep, stayed there all day. Finally came out around 6 pm, ate some Sheba and layed down on the cooler mat in the front room -  is now on her platform guarding the porch. Ma'am kept me company while i watched football.

Heart meds have me stable again.

Charged the car, took out the garbage, started a load of laundry. Set the trap. Leaving the canned food out because the cats wake up earlier than I do.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring in the garbage
Depends on raccoon