January 19th, 2021


Cats & birds returning

No entry yesterday because nothing happened.

This morning up at 8 but not out of bed till 10.

Raccoon #4 seems to have gone elsewhere. I closed up the trap and put it on the far end of the carport. Will wait till Monday to call for AC to pick it up. Need to empty out the marshmallows first.

Strays are back to sheltering under the house & eating 2 cans of food a day.

A Costa's hummingbird, young male and a male & female Anna's spotted. Costa's is fearless, let me photograph him from a foot away_HGS3222</a>
Many photos here [clicky]

Watched some of the Secretary of State confirmation hearing. He's very conservative. Did not watch the Covid-19 memorial which was reportedly mostly a photo op and had the obligatory black woman singing Amazing Grace, as if all 400,000 dead were Jesus believers.

Watched The Bachelor. Matt has no personality, and doesn't know how to kiss. And once again the producers threw in needless drama. The first woman to get a 1-on-1 date was having a breakdown. Her dad is dying of ALS, she needs to be home with him. But instead of just laying that out there they have her interrupt a group date and take Matt away from the others, without actually saying what the problem is. Eventually she packs her bags and leaves, but Matt makes a big angsty thing of it. We know from past shows that she can come back any time. I hope she does. After the other women are told the whole story. And then Chris creates a group date where all the women write porn versions of what they will do with Matt when they get the chance. Class-less.

Below Deck has also degenerated into a bad soap opera. There was a moment of Zen when Capt. invited chief stew onto the bridge for a glass of wine and for a shoulder to cry on. Anniversary of his son's death from an overdose. Chef has a serious alcohol problem, which that zen moment was tied to.

Skype call from J.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters. Quebec, Argentina, Philly, AZ.

Spook and Ma'am laid out a foot apart in the middle of the livingroom. Ma'am making noises, Spook wagging her tail. Just when it looked like Ma'am was making peace she made a wrong move & Spook attacked. It only lasted a few seconds, I don't think either one was hurt.


Salad and cookies for dinner. May heat up some soup.

Plans for tomorrow:
Out of bed by 8:30, watch the inauguration on CSPAN.
Probably watch some streamers & stream at 7:30