January 20th, 2021


#4 brings #5; We can haz new Prez

Woke up at 8, put CSPAN radio on the wifi speakers and was thrilled to hear the amazing sounds of the President's Own USMC Band. Such clear tones, tubas sounding like baritone horns. Piccolos and flutes almost on a par. Drums were great too.

Showered, dressed and turned on the TV.

Pence was relegated to a far corner, not fair to him at all. Obama, Bush II, Clinton, hobnobbing. Carter not up to the trip. 45 already fled to FL.

Lady Gaga sang her own arrangement of the national anthem. She managed just barely to not ruin it.  Her dress was a joke - it looked like she could have the Stay-puft Marshmallow man in there.
JLo was more conservatively dressed, she sang a little of America the Beautiful and a little of This Land Is Your Land,  in English. Toward the end she shouted something in Spanish:

Y a mi gente Latina, a donde quiera que yo este, a donde quiera que yo vaya, siempre los tengo presente
And my Latin people, wherever I am, wherever I go, I always keep them in mind

Very disappointing, since both songs have Spanish versions.

Kamala was sworn in by Sotomayor. Harris' husband gave Kamala a big hug.
Joe sworn in by Roberts. Missing the "both foreign and domestic" phrase. Hmmm.

Joe's speech was pretty good, uplifting, unifying, vague. A little too long.

I missed a bunch by switching off. Took a quick look just in time to see and hear former poet laureate Amanda Gorman. Stunning.

From time to time I checked on the concert but it was mostly noise compared to the USMC band.

MSNBC carried the first white house press conference. The new spokesperson is an attractive redhead who has done this sort of thing a lot before. She started with a laundry list of about 17 items Biden has already signed which reversed bad moves by 45. She said 45 sent a private personal letter to Joe, all she would say about it was it was cordial. Or something like that. No plans for Joe to call Vlad. Plans for Joe and Trudeau to chat Friday. No immediate foreign travel plans.  
Delivered was the two additional feeder hangers. And a pack of undies which were on sale, but took 2 weeks to get here.

Neighborhood FB page said Walgreen's was offering covid vaccinations. I have an appointment for tomorrow at 1 pm.

The usual 2 hummingbirds have been around. Sheltering in the sage bush against high winds and threatening clouds, but no rain.

Checked my outdoor cams, and there are now TWO raccoons left. They came out from under the house at 2 am. So I set up the trap after streaming.

They have been in and out all evening, not too interested in the bait. Very frustrating.

PTI and three episodes of Hot Bench.  Deleted Oak Island and its recording schedule.

Humana got my prescriptions from PCP. In process.

Plans for tomorrow:
Covid shot
Maybe install the new feeder hangers
Watch some streamers
RPCV Zoom meeting