January 21st, 2021


Paperwork foo, vaccination, boredom

Up at 8, dressed by 8:30, put food out for the strays (they ate two cans worth). Two raccoons caught on camera but not trapped.

Mostly watched twitch stream of marine biologist out on the FL seas fishing.

12:30, headed for Walgreen's with paperwork from their web site completed and the email with my reservation number.

12:45, at the pharmacy, ignored for about 5 minutes, seems I had to step up to the line to be seen.

She won't take the paperwork, gives me 5 pages to fill out, the first 2 are almost identical to what I'd prepared.

1:05, pharmacist comes out and brings me into a private room, gives me the shot. Intramuscular in my upper arm. No pain.

Home, watched some streams, then replayed some of the inauguration using an app to identify the music. Then watched the poet's presentation. Amazing. She is all that. Also watched Anderson Cooper being in love with her. Smitten.

Nothing else on Tivo except PTI and Hot Bench.

RPC Zoom was a bust just me and the host.

Streamed for an hour, that went well.

Halftime break to refill my drink, was a bit dizzy and fatigued. No pain in the arm but maybe this is from the vaccine.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Not feeling up to making a salad.

Mouse pad delivered - cute pineapple with headphones. Threw out the ragged and dirty Mt Rainier one.

Spook has been catching her claws on things.

Set the trap perpendicular to the opening instead of parallel. But so far no activity.

Plans for tomorrow:
depends on what if anything is in the trap
probably spend some time in bed with a good book on Kindle. Need to buy one.
I should trim Spook's claws.