January 23rd, 2021


Animal Control and rain

Didn't post yesterday, was too preoccupied with the first real rain since April.

Ocular migraine in the morning, possible side effect of the vaccine. But nothing else, no superpowers.
It rained a little again this afternoon. I moved the trap, but no raccoons again. There's still time.

Two Animal Control officers visited this morning, each with their own truck. I told them check back in a week if I don't call with another trapped animal.

Watched more Gold Rush. I am amazed at the stupidity of a couple of the guys who thought they could mount a successful program on their own after having worked in peripheral jobs at other mine sites.

And it's also amazing how little gold makes the underwater miners happy compared to the massive amounts the strip miners pull out of the ground.

90 Day Fiancé teaser did its job, but then veered off into a preview of a disgusting Discovery+ show about babies forced into beauty pageants. No way do I want to subscribe to that kind of crap.

A pair of Costa's hummingbirds posed outside my window.

More images here.

Since you asked:
Jules Bourcier, a French naturalist and hummingbird expert named the Costa's Hummingbird after his friend Louis Marie Pantaleon Costa de Beauregar. Costa was a Sardinian patriot, statesman, military commander, historian, and amateur archaeologist who was also fond of collecting hummingbirds. He was born in 1806 and died in 1864.

There was also a female goldfinch on the bush, and a tiny Anna's at the feeder.

I hung two more feeders, the 8-oz ones, one clear one with red food coloring, both with hummingbird vitamins, on the west side of the house, where I can sit in a rocker on the porch and watch.

Trimmed Spook's claws, changed the litterbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Football, maybe