January 24th, 2021


Von's part FAIL; no raccoons; lotsa cats' lotsa Bernie; Brady wins, Mahones wins

Woke up on time because Von's was due to deliver groceries between 9 and 4, and they tend to get here early. Good thing, they came at 9.

But they did not deliver the hard boiled eggs, so breakfast was incomplete. They did bring bananas. They also did not bring 2 out of 3 ice cream choices. Their email claimed that I had deleted the eggs and one of the ice creams but I had not. I had only added salad greens. They also substituted two half-sized cans of olives for full sized - they should have subbed 4.

The other ice cream was coffee flavored, which they should have subbed with a different brand, but they dropped it instead.


But they got everything else right. So lunch was Boston Market chicken pot pie, which is excellent.

Fed the stray cats twice. The trap stayed set all day, no cats were curious about it. I guess they don't like peanut butter or marshmallows.

No raccoons again tonight.

Most of the day I watched the two football games. Green Bay was no match for Tampa Bay. Kansas City stomped Buffalo. So one of the oldest QBs and one of the youngest face off in the superbowl.

Hummingbirds were at the new feeders on the west side of the house. They preferred the one with the red food coloring over the clear one, even though the clear one was closer to the front.

Not many streamers online today. None of my favorites were out fishing or chasing storms.

Watched 90 Day Fiancé.  Right now, I don't see any of the couples forming a lasting relationship. However, one couple is about to move closer to that, and the IMHO best couple was not in this episode.

All the spin-offs are moved to Discovery +. I already pay too much for cable, not gonna pay extra for streaming.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a nails appointment - trying out a new (to me) place
Stop in at Albertson's on the way back for the stuff Von's forgot