January 26th, 2021


Smith's delivery, trap baited, The Bachelor

Ordered chicken legs to bait the trap, and HB eggs, plus some other things Von's didn't have. Delivered by 2 pm.

Banana for breakfast but no egg. Watched streamers in the snow and also on the water all day

BASFA zoom meeting was very short. I streamed prior and after, not a lot of chatters.

Dinner salad then boston market beef & noodles. Coffee ice cream.

Baited the trap with 3 chicken legs tie wrapped to the cage. We'll see what happens. #4 has not been seen lately but #5 is huge. Footprints 2x the others.

The Bachelor was horrible. Nasty producers added 5 women, then the final group date was a boxing match. People got hurt. Time to fire Chris. They need a new executive production team.

Stayed home because it was raining most of the day. Finished the Kindle novelette, Olduvai Gorge. Hugo was well deserved. Pacific Storm is next.

Plans for tomorrow:

Manicure Day

After breakfast I called yet another nail salon and made an appointment for 1 pm to have the lousy acrylic job removed and replaced. It had been raining most of the morning but cleared up by then.

Amy got to me right away, she had a routine for removing the old acrylic - used nail clippers on a corner and then slid a press-on nail under and pushed the old shell off. There was much trimming and buffing and finally a new coat of acrylic topped with two coats of UV-cured gel. My nails hurt a bit from the removal process, but they look great. I think I have found a new place. $45, which is about right for the work which was done.

Home, not much on Twitch or FB or TV. Lunch was cheese & crackers, dinner was salad and a boston market roast beef meal, then the rest of the coffee ice cream.

I streamed for an hour, lots of lurkers but no active chatters.

Amazon delivery went to someone else's house. And it was hidden behind a chair so they may not find it. I went online and marked it delivered to the wrong address. Two more items are in the pipeline.

Several cats dropped by, but no raccoons. If there continue to be no raccoons for the rest of the week I'll switch to trapping cats. The Animal Foundation has a program where they will provide traps, veterinary-ize them and return them to me.

Lots of posing from one of the hummingbirds today.

No plans for tomorrow except maybe read.