January 27th, 2021


It's only Wednesday?

Hard to believe. I thought yesterday was Sunday for a while.

Watched a fisherman streaming from S. FL catching mangrove snappers, groupers (he had to throw them back they are out of season) and a huge thing called a cobia. His was 32 inches, it needed to be another inch to be a keeper!

He's on a beautiful motorboat normally used for deep sea charters, but he's by himself.

Also watched a long haul trucker traveling through Idaho. Some snow, and a very different stream from the fishing.

USPS said Humana mailed me some drugs, so I checked the mailbox. Two that I needed, three I didn't. Three more were not sent that I kind of need.

Amazon support gave me a replacement for the item they delivered to the wrong address. And they delivered Flonase. Also on order is a new electric toothbrush (my old one is rusting) and paper plates.

Wanted to buy a used 170-500mm lens on sale real cheap on Adorama but their web site said it was not in stock after all. :-(

On Tivo there was PTI and Hot Bench and a new one, To Catch A Smuggler on Nat Geo. One of my uncles was a head customs inspector at JFK, and the main guy in the show there is almost as hard-nosed, but doesn't have the Bronx accent. The format is to follow one case from NYC and one from ATL each episode. Good production values.

Out of One Touch test strips, so started using the Humana meter. It's giving me much higher readings, and is a lot slower, and more difficult to use.

#4 showed up again tonight, but didn't get trapped. I'd taken the animal foundation's advice and lined the bottom of the trap with newspaper. After the visit I poured some kibble in there, maybe it will entice him in further. He was there are 3 am, did not hit the lever, didn't go in for the chicken.

Very frustrating.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cardiology appt at 11
Some deliveries due