January 31st, 2021


Shopping, Taxes, Smugglers

No raccoon again.

Went up Tropicana Ave in search of the big Smith's supermarket I saw on the way home from cardiology, but it was not there. So I shopped at the local Albertson's instead. Got all the things on my list. Home, looked at a map, the Smith's is on Flamingo. Pretty much parallel to where I remembered it. Next time.

Watched fishing and snow storm streams. And To Catch A Smuggler, which showed the customs officers as arrogant a-holes.

No plans for tomorrow.

Deep in the heart of Taxes

Almost forgot. I finished doing my taxes today. Brokerage said my forms would be downloadable, and they were.
But not all of them.
And three IRS forms are not ready for prime time because Congress.
So trying again 2/15.