February 2nd, 2021


Is It Monday Yet?

Slept in. Hgl was good for a change. Gained 0.4 lbs. Spook spent the night many places: shower cat, bath mat, under the bedroom chair, on the bed, on the bedroom floor taunting Ma'am who was under the bed.

No raccoons.

Disarmed the trap for the day.

All the cats showed up during the course of the day including Millie from next door.

One storm chaser was in PA in a foot of snow, in his car. Watched for a couple of hours. Trucker was on the road for 7 hours, but it was boring scenery and a streamer I do not like sent way too many stupid viewers his way.

Skype with J for 90 minutes. BASFA zoom meeting only lasted 30. I streamed for about an hour, one active chatter but lots of lurkers.

Garbage bins went out at about 11, brought them back in around 2:30. Got the mail which was mostly credit card invites. One letter from my auto insurance, crooked lawyer wants lots of $$ for his client's alleged injuries - discovered more than a month later. BS. We stood out in 115° heat for three hours, and he waved off two ambulances while we waited for the police to not show up. Accident was his fault, and damage to his big old truck was a small dent near the gas cap. I left a message with the adjuster, she should be able to handle it.

Below Deck was 50-50. Capt. Lee got some serious support from the charter guests, who also lost a child to an overdose. His was last year, theirs was 5 years ago, so they had some advice and heartfelt hugs for him. OTOH the crew drama continues to be unresolved, and we established that the chef can't count to 5. Expecting one stew to be canned after the charter is over.

The Bachelor redeemed itself. Matt dealt with the drama llamas, the producers finally let him send home the bully. I don't know what rock they found the "designer" under, but he dressed the date in some hideous outfits. And the salmon colored designer heels which went with the red outfit should have been swapped when he sent a cobalt blue gown for dinner. Blue is not her color.

I've paused it at the 1-hour mark. To be continued.

An RPCV I know from the zoom meetings replied to my job application that she will call Wed or Thurs to talk further.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on raccoons. If none, clean up the trap and call Animal Control to pick it up.
Set up the camera to snap remote pix at the hummer feeder.
Expecting deliveries

Remote shutter, trap cleanup

Lots of Spook/Ma'am noises today.

No raccoons, so I took the trap inside, removed all the bait and newspapers and set it outside closed up.

Brought my heavy duty tripod out, mounted the camera, turned on the remote control and snapped a few test shots. Used the 70-300 zoom but switched to the faster 85mm. To no avail, no birds showed up, but lots of bees.

Watched the 2nd hour of The Bachelor,  they redeemed themselves somewhat by ejecting two toxic women, but then two steps backward by making the group date a disorganized work session at a "farm". One goat. Two chickens. Lots of hay, and a couple of pens to shovel out. No chance for Matt to connect with any women.

And then more drama, one more toxic woman needs to go, but the producers are making it a shouting match. To be continued next week.

PTI was the usual. Too much golf and basketball trades.

Fisherman streamer streamed from home, played some videos of his fishing.

Trucker is wrapping up his day, just fueled the truck.

Stray cats inhaled the food, including the kibble.

Too many pigeons. The repeller gadget is on the way - from Geneva.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am zoom job interview
Research with Humana - need a new PCP