February 6th, 2021


Fun with video

So - the person who asked for examples of my video work wanted something more contemporary and full featured than what I had on my web site. I was not surprised. So I spent the better part of the morning creating a marketing piece for a tropical resort, using screen captures and text from their web site and adding titles and transitions and an audio track of my favorite tropical song. There are a lot of things which could be tweaked, but it showed all the basic skills. I probably won't hear back for a few days.

Watched a little of S. FL fisherman, he had friends on the boat this time, but he quit early. The cam at Ko Phangan had a lot of people on the beach for a change. 
Not a lot of streamers online.

Animal Control came by and collected the trap.

I'm not putting out cat food, the pigeons are eating it and they are messy eaters.

Delivered to the mailbox were two kinds of bee guards. One kind won't work for my feeders. I superglued a set of the other type to the big feeder. I'll need more if those work. Also there was my Amazon store card, which had my address munged. I called them to get it fixed.

Delivered by Fedex was a clothing order.

Took the undies out of the dryer, folded them and put them away.

Lunch was bologna and Swiss on sourdough with Dijon.

Beef pot pie after salad for dinner.

Tivo had Gold Rush to FF through, and Hot Bench plus an educational Nova about chemical reactions, especially ones which had huge good and bad results. For example lethal venoms which had medicinal uses.

6 am much noise from the cats. Spook was under the bedroom chair, but I didn't see Ma'am. Until I came out of the bathroom and saw what looked like a white USB charger on the floor under the edge of the bed - it was a paw.
Lovely day, sat outside on the front porch for a bit. The rocking chairs are great.

Plans for tomorrow:
There's a football game on. I have no chips or dip in the house. Probably not a good day to go shopping.
Bulk garbage pickup Monday morning, so a small pile of boxes need to go to the curb. Regular garbage can wait.
Been singing along with karaoke tunes on YouTube. Need to widen my repertoire.