February 9th, 2021


Looks like I missed a few days

In a nutshell, there was the superbowl, which I watched all the way through after my streaming session, and even though it was on FF, it was very late by the time I was done, because I stopped for commercials.
A few thoughts:
- Kc's offensive line: FAIL
-TB's offensive line: WIN
-Kc's pass defense: FAIL
-A QB is only as good as the team around him, and Tom's team was very good. Patrick's was not.
The best thing about fast forwarding the game is it mutes the audio. No annoying commentators.
Anheuser-Busch commercials brought meaningful messages, sometimes with superb production values, sometimes not. Sadly, no Clydesdales.
Jeep's Bruce Springsteen ad was touching, but far from his usual demographic.
5G dating fail ads were amusing - the Gwen Stefani one was hilarious. But I can't remember which carrier the ad was for so that way it was a FAIL.
No Geico ads. Yay!
The halftime show lost me at the start - horrible Las Vegas caricature set, and some clown calls himself "The Weekend"? Then a stomping army of red coats wearing underpants on their heads? Looking at YouTube I see I missed Miley, will have to catch that later.

Turns out Miley was pre-game tailgate party entertainment, not carried on any network, so all the YouTubes are pirated, incomplete and flawed. :-(

Also late Monday - BASFA meeting and then late streaming and some Tivo recordings to catch up on. Ghosted.

Today was The Bachelor which started out well, they sent home one toxic person but then they brought in a blonde bimbo from a previous season who should not have been allowed in. Of course they will let her stay (next week). But they also sent home the one contestant who had Matt's back from Day 1. After the stupidest 1-on-1 date ever.

Spent some time watching the S.FL fishing stream, which was interrupted by loud noises from outside. Nextdoor neighbor had people taking down her fence prior to selling the house. New stupid rule, fences must be 4' tall max and white. Hers was a gorgeous hardwood 6 feet high.

There was a hummingbird coming to the feeder back there which was undaunted by the people & noise so I set up the camera & remote shutter control. The birds were scared of the shutter. But I managed to get some shots:



Ma'am threw up a couple of times after trying to eat all the food. Eufy was meh about cleaning it up.

Switched from suspenders to a belt. Much easier when wearing a jacket.

Worked on some memes for Chinese NY and will do one soon for Mardi Grass.

Below Deck was its usual production mess, but the guests were mostly enjoyable. Slacker stew was fired, finally.

Von's delivery was on time and only 2 items were out of stock. Driver said they are sending him to CA and switching to DoorDash for their LV deliveries. That's a FAIL.

Amazon refunded the incorrect item delivery.

Plans for tomorrow:
More hummingbird photos. Use the longer lens, set for faster shutter speed. Go for tighter shots (more missed shots)