February 15th, 2021


Catching up

No post yesterday because no internet. 70 mph winds and a sandstorm knocked out local Cox Cable. I need to look into switching to CenturyLink. I did a while ago, cannot remember what the show-stopper was.

But aside from a cloudy, hurricane windy day, where I had to rescue a rocking chair which was blown clear off the porch and across the front of the house and into the carport, it was pretty quiet. I watched all the things on Tivo, but without internet or cable there was nothing much else to entertain me. Had to stay indoors, the sand was whipping up something fierce. No internet meant no voice controlled lights.

gathering storm

Back yard

Flying rocker

Front of house sand storm

brave little bird in 40mph gusts

Made for a pretty sunset, though.

Slept better than usual, Spook was with me at night and Ma'am snuck in in the morning.Collapse )

Cox had expected the cable to be fixed by 10:45 pm 2/13, but they were 12 hours off. 10:45 am 2/14 it was back.

Breakfast was had while I was waiting.

Did not expect to make a mailbox run on a Sunday but Amazon sent a UPS package to USPS, and the pigeon repeller gadget arrived from Geneva. Delivered to my door by Fedex was an Amazon order of paper bowls and my long ago ordered 6 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. 4 thin mints, two s'mores. The s'mores are an experiment, those are not part of my culture. Boy Scouts do not do s'mores. I ate a couple, they are not as good as chocolate dipped mint cookies but they will do.

The pigeon gadget instructions hinted it had a way to be activated, but it also said it was shipped already operational. My phone spectrum analyzer app did not show any major spikes, but there were minor hits at 10khz and 15khz which may have been from the device. I hung it in the carport, time will tell.

Changed the litterbox. Refilled the water fountain.

It was cloudy again today and got chilly.

Watched a smuggler episode, they are not very good at their jobs. Out of four people they detained to do body searches, only one was smuggling anything, and one guy who said the white powder in his bag was corn meal for his restaurant was detained, and the white powder tested as - wait for it - corn meal. One woman they were convinced had drugs in the soles of her shoes was simply wearing ill-fitting designer shoes. The officers feed on each other's paranoia and suspicions.

90 Day fiance showed Mike reluctantly going to counseling with Natalie, and the bottom line is they don't love each other anymore. I sure hope he sends her home. Tarik is an angel from heaven, he's so good with Hazel and his daughter and her son who is still in the Philippines. Covid can't end soon enough for them. Jovi is a jerk, his mom is a bigger jerk, and if Yara wasn't pregnant she would be on a plane home right now. Zeid is way too good for his elderly tattooed lady, I hope the gorgeous young blonde steals him away. And the skinny blonde harpie with her 27-year-old Belize boy toy is driving him away with her constant complaining and unfounded suspicions.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take oujt the garbage
Specialist appointment at 2 pm
Maybe hummingbird pix in the morning. Depends on the weather.