February 17th, 2021


Tuesday's post - blame Ben & Jerry's, Below Deck & The Bachelor

Just realized I did not post last night. No wonder I was in bed by 10:45.

Very windy all night and day. No hummingbird sightings but lots of pigeons. The high frequency repeller gadget from Geneva is a total FAIL. I'm very disappointed because I tested similar science when I worked at MSFT, and proved that 0 dB of audio at 20kHz annoys the heck out of women. Most men cannot hear it. The gadget also doesn't bother the stray cats.

Saw a raccoon caught on the rear door cam 4 am Tuesday, it ignored the food and drank all the water. The cats don't touch the water, so I've retired that dish.

Watched fishing, trucking and snow storm streams on Twitch.

Fell asleep at 2:30 or so watching streams so I joined Spook who was already in bed, set up my tablet on the fishing stream, on a holder & tripod on my night stand, and eventually napped for an hour.

Told Alexa to turn on the home theater setup, watched some TWC coverage of Texas being given a lesson in climate change, the cold, hard way.

Below Deck started with Elizabeth getting fired by a rambling, inarticulate Francesca with Capt. Lee looking the other way. Awkward, and should have been done 4 charters ago. And then Capt. Lee gets a phone call, and due to Covid they are all fired. He handles it as well as he could in front of the crew, but not so good when he's alone. This isn't like a couple of seasons ago when the Caribbean was wiped out in hurricanes and his yacht was one of the victims - that was off-season, and they simply moved to boat in Thailand for the next season.

The Bachelor went a long way to redeeming itself last week when the producers took a giant step back and let Matt send home drama queens, so I'm still watching. Almost did not because at the end of last week they allowed a DDG blonde bimbo to walk into the show because she's a friend of another blonde bimbo who was a previous bachelorette whom Matt's roommate is connected to. 

So the episode starts with Bimbo interrupting a private conversation with Pieper, who to this point has not had a chance to talk to Matt. Instead of doing the right thing Matt sends Pieper away and chats with bimbo. For way too long. He says he will think about letting her join the group. Now he has no time to resume his chat with Pieper or anyone else.

Matt sends Bimbo home. Yay!

Rose ceremony, Pieper is sent home. Argh.
1-on-1 first time date with one of my favorites, the date is doing rubber-burning tricks in a Mustang. They have a great time, it looks like they have bonded, but at the "dinner" date he walks her out.

At this point none of the women can tell what Matt is thinking, and all he says is he sees his wife in this room. Kit, who is the token petite blonde knocks on his door and says she's not getting the clues from Matt which she needs, so she's done. He spouts platitudes and claims to want her to stay but she's not buying it. Neither am I. She goes home.

Paused the show to stream. Lots of chatting.

Back to The Bachelor armed with a dinner salad, hot pockets and Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Temptation. 

Final pre-hometowns rose ceremony he sends away the only tall black woman and the only remaining Asian.

Next week is hometowns, I'll watch only because it will be 4 car wrecks.

Delivered: a dozen 3 oz 82% Scharfen-Berger chocolate bars, a box of undies, and a tall kitchen garbage can with a flip-top lid to replace a bedroom hamper.

Plans for Wednesday:
Depends on the weather


Another windy day in paradise. Did not do much.

Delivered was more novalog insulin than I need, and way more syringes. I need to call Humana to put that auto-refill on hold. I am still working on  humalog which I brought from CA a year ago.

Also delivered was a full sized kitchen trash can with flip top lid, which I need for a bedroom hamper. It replaces a smaller one which has a defective lid.

Discovered an old hospital drama on Ion TV called Saving Hope. Lots of attractive actors, occasional weird metaphysics, decent writing which causes some over-acting but mostly binge watchable.

Not a lot of streamer time on Twitch today.

Gloating a bit over the Texas cold snap. 100-year storm, they are the victims of their own greed, taking themselves off the grid and de-regulating the industries. Massive power outages and no water delivery.

OK and TN are not doing as poorly.

Watched an excellent Nova episode about making biology out of chemistry. The search for creating life from test tubes is ongoing but so far not successful. The narrator is a poor man's Bill Nye, and I don't have a great opinion of Bill, as I knew of him as a minor sketch comedian in Seattle.

No nap today. Frozen meal for lunch. Salad and horrible Bolognaise pasta for dinner. Tillamook mint chip ice cream is not as good as I remembered it.

Streamed for an hour, lots of chatters.

Raccoon is back, but not under the house. Camera alarm scares it off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Visit the mailbox
Quick Groc trip for bananas and salad greens.