February 24th, 2021


Cat-ching up

Checking the camera footage when I woke up, just after midnight another cat sniffed around the trap but did not go inside. Around 4 am a fat raccoon did the same.
Spent a lot of the day watching SoFL fishing, it was his 33rd birthday, he caught a cobia, big enough to keep. It's his favorite fish.  He did his mater's thesis on them. Most of the rest of the day he was skunked.

Somewhere in there I hopped in the car and drove to the big Albertson's partly to get fruit and partly to put some miles on the car. Good thing too because sitting in the carport the tires were flat on the bottom. They rounded out as I drove, and their PSI readings leveled off. Bought watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and bananas. Also got chocolate dipped chocolate donut holes, ding dongs, and a few new sugar free flavors for the soda water. And marinated artichoke hearts. And caramel syrup.

Home, more streamers.

Cat trapper returned and brought back the two males, fixed and vaccinated. Released from their cages they took off like rockets. One female turned out to be pregnant, babies lost during spaying. She'll be at the vet's a bit longer. We're leaving the one trap on my carport with fresh food, hope to catch the 4th cat**.

**Just checked, there's a cat in the trap, not sure if it's a repeat. Texted a photo to the neighbor. Neighbor says they clip the right ear when they are fixed, this one's ears are intact.

Drank a lot of Thai iced tea today.

Streamed for an hour, good chat.

10" chef's knife. Very nice, put away the 8".
Coffee maker. Pretty good for $20. Easy. But I still need milk in the coffee to make it drinkable.
Spray bottles - waiting for mint extract to put in them. Meanwhile I sprayed the feeder with diluted fabric softener which I use to de-static the carpets. Just to see.
Pigeon repeller made in USA, needs C batteries which I have. Will try it tomorrow.
Eveready AAA batteries. They work better than the Amazon brand because the + terminal posts are longer.

Waiting on a Wyze roobovac and a Razr streamer cam.

Watched another episode of Saving Hope. Tivo was set to only keep 5, so I lost some during the marathon. Changed it to 25.

Nova was a special on the Mars missions, mostly the latest one, but it was way too heavy on the clean room stuff and way too light on the science. They are making assumptions about geology (marsology?) based on their desire to find life. I think they want to credit running water for doing what wind and heat could also have done. The scheme for getting samples back to Earth relies on France and Italy working together. Fat chance.

Meanwhile almost no imaging has been released by NASA 2 days into the mission.

We're having a wind storm here, I had to bring in my American flag, and need to order replacement pole fixtures. 25 mph winds. Spook is spooked.

Ma'am has been making more rude noises than is called for. Spook continues to passive aggressive bully her - probably because she gets a huge reaction. Ma'am spent Nova on my tummy. Spook spent it at the foot of the recliner staring at Ma'am.

Plans for tomorrow:
I think we're done trapping cats, will go back to feeding them
Watch streamers
RPCV zoom meeting, maybe